City’s view on cease-fire meaningless

Congratulations to Naperville Mayor Scott Wehrli for announcing that his city council will not pass a resolution to ask for a cease-fire in Gaza.

First and foremost, who on either side, Israel or Hamas, would pay any attention to a resolution passed by a suburban city near Chicago? I think both sides would respond with a “so what” and who are you?

Would a cease-fire be welcome? Of course. However, this entire fiasco could come to an end if Hamas would release the hostages taken last October. If they would agree, putting Gaza back together could begin. It will be rebuilt. Israel will not leave the area in rubble, but the hostages are the key. Release them to get life back to some normalcy.

It matters not who you believe is right or wrong. That ship has sailed. This conflict is costing billions in life and real estate. I definitely want to see a cease-fire but a resolution out of Naperville means nada, zip, nothing.

Don Lass


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