Coffee Break: Elizabeth Moscoso, president of Moscoso Express Inc.

Name: Elizabeth Moscoso

Title: President

Company: Moscoso Express Inc.

Address: 611 Landmeier Rd, Unit 92063, Elk Grove Village

Phone: (773) 234-5443


Industry: Supply chain and transportation

Annual revenue: $2 million

Number of employees: 35

Hometown: Elk Grove Village

Family information: My immediate family is composed of my two parents, my brother and myself. My father began the company when I was 15 years old. Being an immigrant, he was interested in beginning his own company as a way for him to express his devotion to customer service and client satisfaction in his industry. He has managed the business for close to 15 years. In the most recent years, my father has transitioned more of the responsibilities to me and he is now in more of an advisory role. This devotion to customer service is still the main pillar of the company even as it is transitioned to the next generation.

Q: Describe your company.

Moscoso Express Inc., is a 20-year-old trucking company headquartered in Elk Grove Village, renowned for its reliable, high-quality transportation services. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment of consistent service to our direct shipper and freight forwarder clients. The services we specialize in include first and final mile cartage, exclusive use vehicles and peddle runs.

Our reliability is executed seamlessly by our utilization of cutting-edge GPS technology, continuous oversight of our clients’ freight and utilizing software-based route optimization for efficient deliveries. Moreover, our systematic approach to our data communication gives a consistent template on how to exchange information with our clients, so they can ultimately better serve their clients.

At Moscoso Express, our focus on leveraging technology is at the core of our multifaceted approach. It enables us to provide not just efficient and speedy operations, but also sustainable, eco-friendly solutions. Our conscious efforts in reducing idling times and optimizing routes speak to our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Q: Do you plan to hire any additional staff or make any significant capital investments in your company in the next year?

Yes, as we celebrate 20 years, we are dedicated to nurturing partnerships as a cornerstone for our company’s expansion and success. We believe that fostering these long-term relationships not only strengthens our existing operations but also paves the way for sustained growth.

Our focus on cultivating quality partnerships works in parallel with our strategic growth trajectory, where we envision potential opportunities to grow our team with additional staff. New hires play a pivotal role of bringing new ideas to our operational efficiency, while maintaining our commitment to reliable service.

Simultaneously, our focus for capital investments revolves around continuous seamless operations that prevent us from having unexpected interruptions and emergency maintenance occurrences. We also look to invest in the best personnel that can apply our technological investments to bring about the innovative solutions that our industry can benefit from.

Q: What will your company’s main challenges be in the next year?

Our team is aligned to continue pursuing our measured strategic growth. Meeting companies with a similar vision to provide the ultimate experience to the end client, is who we aim to attract. This also presents opportunities for our teams to push the edge on innovative technology. This tech must be exciting enough to attract and retain our clients while also meeting new client satisfaction. It can be a challenge to find the right partnerships that align with the culture we have cultivated at Moscoso. We strive to have high attention to quality service and our team is committed to a collaborative work environment while working through finding the best solution for the client.

Q: What’s the hottest trend in your industry?

In our industry, the hottest trend is undoubtedly the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into operations. At Moscoso Express, we’ve embraced this trend, leveraging our dedication to staying on top of technology to bring innovation to the company. Our approach toward technological advancements originated years ago, paved the way for our current efficient and streamlined operations.

This integration of technology has revolutionized how we serve our clients. By implementing state-of-the-art systems and solutions, we’ve optimized our processes, ensuring precision, speed, and reliability in every aspect of our service.

Q: If you had one tip to give to a rookie executive, what would it be?

One invaluable tip for a rookie executive would be to prioritize a deep understanding of financial statements, specifically the balance sheet and profit and loss statements.

Mastering these financial fundamentals provides a clear lens through which to assess the health of a company and is a compass to guide strategic direction. This financial acumen isn't just about number-crunching; it’s about empowering executives to make sound decisions. Whether it’s focusing energy on bolstering operations, optimizing sales strategies, or determining resource allocation, a comprehensive understanding of financial statements is crucial.

Q: Do you have a business mantra?

Moscoso Express is keen on continuous improvement. There are many moving pieces in logistics and we are always going through new experiences. In this, our team always takes time to learn from each experience and how we can improve for future deliveries and customer interactions.

Q: From a business outlook, whom do you look up to?

Hugo Moscoso, the founder, is whom I look up to. Through Hugo’s optimistic resiliency and vision, Moscoso Express has been able to grow at a healthy pace. The careful balance of calculated risk and hard work cultivated a respected brand in the industry. Prioritizing the client and their needs is at the core of what has helped the company get where it is today.

Q: What is one interesting fact about you or your company that most people may not know?

One lesser-known yet integral aspect of Moscoso Express is our expertise in tailoring customized solutions for our clients. Our teams can devise specialized routing for time-sensitive deliveries, handle high-value cargo with utmost care, or accommodate specific client media preferences during delivery. Our strength lies in our ability to create solutions that go beyond the conventional dock delivery and paper POD.

Q: Was there a moment in your career that didn’t go as you had planned? What lesson did you learn from it?

Rate negotiations are always an area of potential learning and the end customer must get the best service at the best price. One lesson to be learned is that the rate is not always the most important aspect but ensuring good customer satisfaction is important. Business will inevitably continue coming your way if the end customer is happy with the services being provided. Having a diverse customer base that respects your prices for your services is also an important thing to take away from rate negotiation discussions.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy meeting and associating with individuals through varying organizations, ranging from industry specific to social sports. By sharing experiences one can discover different perceptions and lessons learned. I also enjoy staying physically active through hiking, running outdoors, or spending time at the gym.

Q: What book is on your nightstand?

“Principles” by Ray Dalio is a great read for all entrepreneurs to be comfortable with the uncertainties that come with running a business and to get a different perspective on the fortitude necessary to continue pushing forward.

Q: What keeps you up at night?

Knowing that our team strives to sincerely provide the best customer service possible through diligent work with the best intentions allows me to rest comfortably and look forward to the next day.

Q: If you were not doing this job, what do you think you would be doing?

Project management has always been my passion. Through my experience as a project engineer for pharmaceutical and food ingredient companies, I learned how to manage details involved with the successful execution of a project to ensure deadlines were met. Collaborating with worldwide multidisciplinary inter-company and intra-company teams was a challenge I got satisfaction from completing.

Q: What was your first paying job?

A lifeguard. I was able to apply my interest in swimming into a responsibility during the summers while supporting the local community too.

Q: If you could put your company name on a sports venue, which one would you choose?

Moscoso Express would put its name on the United Center. It is a staple venue in Chicago and an indoor space makes it great for winter events.

Q: Two people to follow on X (formerly Twitter) and why. (besides your company)

Mark Cuban and Steve Ballmer. They excel at fostering successful environments for teams to win. Their positive attitude and charisma energize their space and this results in prosperous companies.

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