Former president won’t fool voters

The sore loser of the 2020 presidential election isn’t a reader. During his term, it was necessary to reduce the daily classified briefings book to single pages of bullet points for the reading-challenged former president.

With his limited vocabulary, spelling and grammar errors in his social media rants, difficulty in reading teleprompters and his incoherent hate rally speeches it is glaringly apparent reading has never been a part of the former president’s self-enriching life.

The insurrection-inciting former president obviously hasn’t read our Constitution otherwise he’d know that no one, even leaders and the government, is above the law.

The extremist religious right’s “Chosen One” is so unfamiliar with the Bible he didn’t know which is the right side up when holding a Bible for his D.C. photo stunt during the BLM protests.

The fact-challenged Republican standard-bearer appears to have not read American history books otherwise he’d know civil rights activist and former slave Frederick Douglass is no longer alive and that Abraham Lincoln could not have “negotiated” slavery to avoid the Civil War.

In 2018, when he declared “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening,” it was just another nonsensical statement spewed from the flailing, failing President Trump and not an Orwellian nod to the line from the dystopian novel 1984 “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.” The former president is not a reader of literature.

The Republican Party’s banning of books, censoring of sociology and history curriculum, attacks on diversity, equity and inclusion, subversion of justice and suppression of voting rights will not be successful in putting a vindictive self-serving criminal and his spineless sycophants back in office.

We see, we hear, we read and we vote.

Jane Cox


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