Focus on Biden’s age is unfair, damaging

The constant drum beat on cable “news” shows and the print media regarding the age and mental state of President Biden should be of great concern to every American. President Biden is an intelligent, experienced, calm, thoughtful human being who speaks U. facts and his many decades of experience. Where are the articles and TV segments on the daily ramblings of the former president.

The 45th president is mentally and emotionally unfit to get anywhere near the White House. Why the double standard? There is simply no comparison.

Yes, Biden is old. Biden is also 100% capable of running the United States. The former president is mentally unfit, period. The former president confuses basic facts such as who he ran against in 2016, what state he is in or what day it is. On top of that, he promotes fascism, hatred, misogyny and division. He bows down to dictators across the world and has openly called for Putin to attack allies of the United States. He U. S.ed the presidency to enrich himself and his family. He has absolutely no interest in helping anyone in America except himself.

He is a bully. He is immature, childish and a weak whiner. He is a loser who spent more time cheating at golf than performing the duties he should have been taking care of as president. Shame on cable TV and newspapers for this slanted propaganda.

Claudia D’Hooge

Glen Ellyn

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