Raymond A Lopez: 2024 candidate for U.S. House 4th District representative


Party: Democrat

Office Sought: U.S. House 4th District

City: Chicago

Age: 45

Occupation: Alderman — 15th Ward

Previous offices held: Alderman 2015-Present, Democratic Committeeman 2012-Present

What must be done to achieve a consistent national policy on immigration, not just in terms of what such a policy should be but also in terms of getting a policy through the Senate?

Leaders must stop the partisan politics of immigration and put the needs of the country first. Both parties have manipulated the broke system to their own benefit, leaving millions of second-class people living in the shadows. Structurally speaking we must secure the border, create functional pathways into the country that don’t involve manipulating current laws, and focus on giving DACA residents citizenship.

Do you believe the nation's election system and those of the individual states are secure and fair? If not, what must be done to improve them?

I believe in our electoral system but acknowledge the need for some universal standards that should be considered, such as electronic voting, vote by mail, and a national holiday for elections.

What responsibilities does the United States have toward protecting the security of our allies or other countries where democracy may be threatened? In particular, what are our responsibilities toward Israel and Ukraine?

If we want to remain an active vital force across the globe, our friends and allies must know we will protect and support them as we would our own people. The enemies of the West see our lack of resolve as a weakness they can exploit.

Is the world in a climate crisis? If so, what role should the federal government play in addressing it?

Yes, we have a climate crisis we must recognize and adapt to. Our policies must be reflective of this, both domestically and internationally. However, we cannot intentionally limit ourselves while allowing our partners to ignore the situation with impunity.

How would you describe the working relationships in the U.S. House today? What can be done to promote more effective government in Congress, and what will you do personally to work toward this goal?

The U.S. House is completely dysfunctional. The focus is not on what matters for the country, but the next election. At a time when we need statesmen, we have snake oil salesmen running the show.

What role should the United States play in NATO?

We must remain committed to NATO while asking our partners to do the same, in name & deed.

How do you perceive the financial health of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid? To the degree you may see problems with these programs, what should be done about them?

We must take care of our seniors and those most in need. It is shameful how little we care about either.

How do you assess the state of the national economy? What should be done to make it stronger or more stable?

The economy is struggling and our lack of investment in key growth sectors proves that statement. We still have supply chain issues, capital liquidity, and excessively high interest rates. Additionally, we have not supported people’s return to the workplace, thereby creating an economy based on surviving, not thriving.

What personal qualifications do you bring that would make you an effective congressional representative in dealing with the issues the country will face in the next two years?

I am a leader who has focused on tackling the most difficult issues truthfully and decisively. I’m a proven common sense leader that is honest and guided by a value system shared by a majority of the 4th District. My goal isn’t personal power but elevating the concerns of my constituents.

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