James T. “Jim” Marter: 2024 candidate for U.S. House 14th District representative


Party: Republican

Office Sought: U.S. House 14th District

City: Oswego

Age: 61

Occupation: Information Technology Software Consultant, Marter Enterprises, LLC

Previous offices held: 2024 Presidential Delegate, Donald J. Trump, 14th Congressional District, Current Oswego Library District Board Trustee (2021-2025); Elected (3 times) and current Kendall County Republican Chairman; RCCA (Rep. County Chairman’s Association, Regional VP for Collar Counties); Deputy on GOP State Central Committee for Illinois 14th District (2022); Illinois 2020 14th District Presidential Elector; Illinois Conservative Union — former Advisory Board Member.

What must be done to achieve a consistent national policy on immigration, not just in terms of what such a policy should be but also in terms of getting a policy through the Senate?

I support the constitutional immigration process. 1. Build / Finish the wall 2. Enforce existing Immigration law. 3. No DACA and No Amnesty 4. End LBJ’s Chain migration immigration. 5. End the practice of birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and foreign visitors. 6. Enforce the Border, deport illegal immigrant when detained. End catch-and-release. Require law enforcement to report 7. End sanctuary cities, States 8. Enforce the law against employers breaking it 9. Cap/reduce all Immigration.

Individuals seeking to become an American citizen who LOVE America and FREEDOM, who possess, drive, skill, and ability to prosper, on a limited number basis capped at levels that protect American citizens interest first. And those who are legitimate in eminent danger and meet the full legal requirements for refugee and Asylum status.

Do you believe the nation's election system and those of the individual states are secure and fair? If not, what must be done to improve them?

There are serious problems with our election systems, especially in ILLINOIS, where the cheating by Democrats has been historically rampant. We need to have election integrity so we can restore the public trust in our voting system. Transparency and accountability are vital in doing so. Every state must have a secure way of voter identification and Voters must be verified with a government issued voter id✔️! There must be monitoring and verification system in place by poll workers and watchers from all parties, paper ballots, secure chain of custody, proof of citizenship and residency, and the ability of voters to have full, forensic audits, independent of the county clerk’s office for every election and it must be allowed quickly within 45 days.

What responsibilities does the United States have toward protecting the security of our allies or other countries where democracy may be threatened? In particular, what are our responsibilities toward Israel and Ukraine?

I support Israel our ally and fully support them and the elimination of the terrorist organization Hamas. I don’t support any more funding of Ukraine; we must end American Taxpayer dollars going to endless wars. Neither Ukraine nor Russia are allies, there are bad actors on both sides, both countries have dubious elections, with results controlled by the people in power. We should divert foreign aid funds to finishing the Border wall, and Border security and safety here at home in America.

Is the world in a climate crisis? If so, what role should the federal government play in addressing it?

No. there is a climate of false information and propaganda by media and political elites that don’t know anything about science. There is not specific, concrete evidence of human activity significantly impacting climate worldwide. In contrast there is direct evidence implicating those promoting “theory of man-made climate change” of fabrication and falsification of data to support their claims.

Carbon dioxide makes up 0.04% of the world’s atmosphere. During my public-school education I was taught CO2 is plant food, it makes plant grow, not a toxic substance as the EPA has declared, the EPA is out of control and needs reined in by Congress.

Evidence supports climate change occurs naturally and has been from one ice-age to another. Gov. role has a limited role to ensure clean air, water. We need common sense controls on emissions, etc. to ensure a clean, healthy environment.

How would you describe the working relationships in the U.S. House today? What can be done to promote more effective government in Congress, and what will you do personally to work toward this goal?

I have zero concern for “working relationships in the U.S. House today.” What I care about is doing what is RIGHT for the AMERICAN people! I work with people from all around the world daily, I have visited them in their countries, and I work will with people of all backgrounds and all nations. That said, my sole concern is to follow the Constitution of the United States of America, and ensure the American people are put FIRST in everything we do in the people HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES!

What role should the United States play in NATO?

We need to lead in NATO, make sure all allies are paying their fair share as President Trump required, and we need to ensure membership in NATO is not expanded to include countries that are NOT friends of the UNITED STATES.

How do you perceive the financial health of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid? To the degree you may see problems with these programs, what should be done about them?

Not a single program in Washington is financially sound.

Social Security & Medicare, working class Americans have paid into these programs all their lives, we need to protect Americans who rely on it but reform is essential, or these programs will fail future generations.

As it is operated currently, social security is a PONZI scheme, which if any Financial Services firm offered it as a product and sold it to their customers, they would be summarily ARRESTED! Our Federal Government should not be stealing from our own citizens. We need to act to ensure programs our seniors rely upon are sound financial instruments that are secure from the general fund raids by Congress and are self-sustaining in terms of investments.

How do you assess the state of the national economy? What should be done to make it stronger or more stable?

The economy is weak and unstable, Biden-inflation has been fueled by the outrageous spending spree Congress has been on, which has put the inflation-TAX burden on the American Worker. Rep. Underwood and her Democrat colleagues supporting the Biden budgets and the out-of-control spending in Washington, plus the shuttering of our energy sector.

My plan is simple.

• Set our economy on a firm foundation of growth. Dismantle the Biden policies that have robbed us of our energy independence and bring American energy back and stop the policies fueling inflation.

• Protect our rights and Freedoms: Secure our border, protect our votes, individual liberty, and medical choice from the assault of mandates, and protect parents’ rights for their children in our schools.

• Stop out-of-control spending. In Congress, I will be relentless in my efforts to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, end government waste, fraud, abuse, and work to balance the budget.

What personal qualifications do you bring that would make you an effective congressional representative in dealing with the issues the country will face in the next two years?

I love America and our freedoms. We need to defend and preserve them for future generations. Much of what our government does stands in the way of a prosperous and free future. In Congress, I will fight for your God-given rights and be relentless at cutting the size and scope of the federal government. With the right policies and unwavering commitment, we can unleash the economy, secure our nation, and advance the American Dream.

I will leverage my 35 years of Business, Industrial and Manufacturing experience including dealing with State, Federal and International regulations, as well as local service organization and 8 years of political experience to navigate the effects of good and bad public policies.

I’m in the race for the same reasons that matter to you, to protect LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These are the foundation of our American principles! I will defend our values, to SAVE America and the America Dream.

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