Peter “Pete” DiCianni: 2024 candidate for DuPage County recorder


Party: Democrat

Office Sought: DuPage County Recorder

City: Elmhurst

Age: 57

Occupation: President/CEO, DiCianni Graphics Inc.

Previous offices held: Mayor, City of Elmhurst & Commissioner DuPage County Board (2nd District)

Why are you running for this office, whether for re-election or election for the first time? Is there a particular issue that motivates you? If so, what?

After being out of public service for just over a year, after serving as Mayor of Elmhurst(2009-2012) and DuPage County Commissioner(2012-2022), my family and I realize that helping others and serving the public is how I can truly make a difference in the lives of many. My experience in local government has shown my history of working with leaders from both sides of the aisle in order to get things done for others who depend on elected officials. I have always been motivated to do what I can to help those around me, especially those who need the most help. Prior to elected public service, I held many volunteer leadership roles in organizations focused on helping seniors, youth, and others with special needs. Volunteerism was my foundation that has fueled my passion to help people.

How well has the Recorder of Deeds performed, and what qualifications would you bring to the office?

The current recorder has brought no new innovations or improvements that would have helped make the office safer or more user-friendly to the public. Once a model organization, the office’s lack of efficiency, transparency and cutting edge technology, along with poor management and hiring practices has put this office on its heels and puts taxpayers in a vulnerable position.

I believe I can serve the Recorder of Deeds office and all who depend on it extremely well thanks to my background and experience as both an elected official serving on the Technology Committee where I was a lone advocate for 3rd party Cyber Monitoring.

Having 38 years experience of buying and selling real estate. My background gives me the tools to ensure the Recorder’s Office will be most efficient, easier to navigate, and most of all, safe from fraud and cyber attacks.

Describe your position on transparency in the office and the ease of access to records by the public. If you believe improvements are needed, what are they and how would you go about achieving them?

There has been no change in the office to enhance transparency and security. As Mayor of Elmhurst, I utilized technology to enhance government services and protect our residents.

As County Recorder I will;

•Protect our seniors and working families from fraud and deception

•Implement an email or text notification if someone pings your property (no charge to taxpayer)

•Implement Title Lock, title protection for paid off properties (no charge to taxpayer) •Implement third party Cyber Monitoring to protect every taxpayer (no charge to taxpayer)

I would put a technology task force together immediately to assess the Office’s vulnerabilities and then employ state-of-the-art technology to increase security, transparency and access. I would also convene a task force of local developers, attorneys, title companies and realtors for their thoughts on how to make the Office a model of efficiency.

Please list any elected office you’ve ever run for and what the result of that election was. Have you ever been appointed to fill an unexpired term?

Mayor, City of Elmhurst (2009-2012)

DuPage County Board (2012-2022)

County Board Chairman (Lost) 2022

Do you see any opportunity or value in merging this office with other county offices to produce efficiencies in overall county spending?

I was a proponent of keeping the Offices separate as the Clerk’s Office handles a completely different set of tasks with separate missions. A mistake could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands or possibly millions.

What makes you the best candidate to represent your party to seek this position?

I believe my executive experience, and successes in both public and private sector business sets me apart from my opponents. In addition to holding degrees in Business Management and Accounting, I’m the only candidate to hold advanced degrees in Government both from University of Illinois in County Government and Harvard Kennedy’s School of Leadership and Crisis. My experience as a mayor and county commissioner, a business executive for 40 years. I am the only candidate giving specific areas on improvement of the office, having sat down with key stakeholders from the industry on areas they feel would be helpful to protect our residents and businesses.

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