Silvy: Enough fighting. Here are 5 things all Bears fans can agree on

What do most players do when the season ends? Go to Cancun.

It’s been an ongoing joke in the sports world since 1998 when the Lakers were on the verge of being eliminated by the Jazz in the postseason and instead of saying “1-2-3 Lakers,” Nick Van Exel ended practice by saying “1-2-3 Cancun.”

Recently, on social media, when the Packers were eliminated by the 49ers, Jaquan Brisker tweeted, “Turks or Cancun?”

Not exactly the sickest burn from a player who has never beaten the Packers and whose Bears team has lost 10 straight overall to Green Bay.

But as a Bears fan, I still laughed.

There’s just something about the warmth of the Cancun sun that rejuvenates the soul. The white sandy beaches and the sweet tasting margaritas allow you to leave the past quickly.

And while I’m not a player in any sense of the word, I decided to utilize that game plan the Tuesday after the Super Bowl.

The Bears quarterback debate has become so much more than just the all important future of the team, it has become a cesspool filled with hate and name calling. I have been a Bears fan my entire life and have covered the team since 1995, and the fan base has never acted like this. Not even close.

I needed a break from all of this before the stretch drive of QB decision time with the combine looming, the new league year when trades happen and, of course, the NFL draft.

One glorious afternoon sipping on some tequila, I started wondering, during these unusual times of Caleb Williams vs. Justin Fields, Matt Eberflus vs. Jim Harbaugh, and Arlington Heights vs. Chicago’s lakefront, what Bears fans are actually united on?

While I understand, it is virtually impossible to get 100% of any group of people to agree on any topic, including the color of the sky or if money is a good thing, I believe these topics can bring together a divided fanbase.

So Bears fans, here is my list of what I believe we can agree on. No matter how big or small of a fan you may be, as they say in Cancun, all that matters is the motion of the ocean.

1. DJ Moore is awesome.

There were some who weren’t sure Moore was a true No. 1 receiver when he was acquired last year from Carolina, but there is no disputing that now. Moore’s greatest strength is yards after the catch, but he can do it all.

Unlike most receivers in the NFL, there is very little diva in him and he is a pro’s pro. Moore is only 26 and is under contract for the the next two years. If the Bears play this right, Moore has a chance to become the most prolific receiver in Bears history.

2. Jaylon Johnson isn’t going anywhere and deserves to be paid.

We’ll never know just how close Ryan Poles came to trading Johnson at last season’s deadline, but he admitted that he needed to be wowed. Since that time, it’s Johnson who has been doing the wowing, thanks in part to an improved pass rush. Johnson will either be paid as one of the highest paid corners or will be franchised.

3. The Bears need a center.

They needed a center last year but tried to patchwork the position and paid dearly for it. I’ve never understood why center isn’t considered more of premium position considering nobody touches the football more than the QB and the center. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence the Bears had their best offensive lines and productive offenses when Olin Kreutz and Jay Hilgenberg were entrenched at center. Whether it’s Justin Fields or a new quarterback, that player deserves to grow with someone who can protect and snap them the football consistently.

4. Confidence is high in Poles.

I’d bet he has one of the highest approval ratings of anyone inside Halas Hall, including players. No general manager is perfect, but Poles has quickly earned the reputation of being one of smartest decision makers in Chicago sports.

Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, most Bears fans now believe the sky is the limit in the upcoming draft and free agency period. And while he may still have a blind spot for Eberflus, he isn’t scared to take big swings.

Poles’ Carolina trade is one of the best in Bears history and if he gets the QB position right, we’ll be talking about him like we did with Jim Finks and Theo Epstein.

5. The defense is on the brink of being one of the best in the NFL.

The Montez Sweat deal provided the pass rusher Poles has been desperately seeking. Now can he add to that with another edge rusher with the ninth overall pick or perhaps Danielle Hunter from the Vikings? Eberflus can still use a dominant three technique to make the defense go, though Gervon Dexter had a promising second half of the season.

Is there a better value in football than TJ Edwards? He’s a true winner and loves being a Bear.

And the Bears are loaded with playmakers in the secondary. Brisker, Kyler Gordon, Johnson, Tyrique Stevenson, and Terrell Smith can really be something special. Add a replacement for Eddie Jackson and there’s no reason the defense shouldn’t be top 5-7 while creating a ton of turnovers.

Cancun this week. The combine next week and the debates and yelling on social media will peak once again.

Who unfollowed whom on Instagram?

What clues will Poles drop in his Indy presser?

Until then, let’s unite for a day.

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