Jerry Evans: 2024 candidate for U.S. House 11th District Representative


Party: Republican

Office Sought: 11th District U.S. Representative

City: Warrenville

Age: 40

Occupation: Businessman, Jerry Evans School of Music

Previous offices held: N/A

What must be done to achieve a consistent national policy on immigration, not just in terms of what such a policy should be but also in terms of getting a policy through the Senate?

Securing the southern border is a humanitarian, foreign policy, and economic imperative. The incentive to cross our border that is created by our current immigration policies is not compassionate. It puts people’s lives at risk and allows an open flow of drugs into our country. Those drugs are making their way across the country and into Illinois. Ending the Catch and Release policy and reinstating the Remain in Mexico process would help slow down the illegal immigration.

Do you believe the nation's election system and those of the individual states are secure and fair? If not, what must be done to improve them?

We need fair, transparent, and secure elections. I firmly believe in protecting every eligible voter's right to one legally cast ballot. I believe we need Voter ID laws. Voter ID laws make it harder to cheat and do not represent a barrier to voting. I believe it should be easy to vote, hard to cheat. That will bring back the public’s confidence in our electoral system. I do not favor imposing one-size-fits-all federal election system laws on the states.

What responsibilities does the United States have toward protecting the security of our allies or other countries where democracy may be threatened? In particular, what are our responsibilities toward Israel and Ukraine?

The world is safest when America is strongest. President Biden has not projected strength on the international stage. His botched withdrawal from Afghanistan emboldened our adversaries and made our allies question our resolve. That has made the world a more dangerous place. Israel has the right to exist and defend itself from attacks by terrorist groups, like Hamas, or foreign countries. Dictators and tyrants need to know that the United States will defend our allies and honor our NATO commitments. I supported sending resources to Ukraine, but I do not support putting American soldiers on the ground.

Is the world in a climate crisis? If so, what role should the federal government play in addressing it?

On the topic of climate change, we need to focus on real, attainable solutions, not the Green New Deal. The progressive Left has turned climate change into a vehicle for their cultural agenda. Pushing for public policies that are not economically sustainable and are not supported by the marketplace is not the solution. I favor an all-of-the-above approach to finding solutions that are economically viable. Until technology progresses to the point of economic viability, we can’t wreck our economy while countries like China and India make no changes and release far more carbon into the atmosphere than the U.S.

How would you describe the working relationships in the U.S. House today? What can be done to promote more effective government in Congress, and what will you do personally to work toward this goal?

Tensions in the U.S. House are high, with both sides not getting along. Career politicians are more interested in preserving the status quo and getting re-electing than delivering on the promises they made. I support term limits as a means to disrupt that status quo and finally prioritize results over politics.

What role should the United States play in NATO?

The United States serves as a great pillar upholding freedom throughout the world. As the U.S. grows weaker, and our rivals grow stronger, we begin to see freedom fade throughout the world. From Afghanistan to Ukraine, that principle is more evident than it has ever been in recent memory. The U.S. should engage with the international community to ensure we remain the leading power in global affairs. We should further maintain a military powerful enough to underwrite that status and deter conflicts. In Ukraine, Joe Biden handed Putin leverage by limiting American oil and gas production. We need to restore our energy independence and once again be a net exporter of energy. Chinese expansionism is a multi-faceted threat working across many sectors around the world. The United States must proactively counter this threat through all dimensions of soft power: diplomacy, intelligence, economic, and military (DIME). Israel has the right to exist and I fully support Israel’s right to defend itself.

How do you perceive the financial health of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid? To the degree you may see problems with these programs, what should be done about them?

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have important roles to play. On the topic of Social Security, we can’t change the program for seniors, or those near retirement, who have paid into the program their whole lives. I will always honor the commitments made to seniors — it’s their money after all.

For people in their 20’s and 30’s, we need to have an honest conversation about what Social Security will look like for them. We need to look at what reasonable tweaks can be made. If we continue on the current path there may not be anything left for them when they reach retirement age.

How do you assess the state of the national economy? What should be done to make it stronger or more stable?

I believe we should focus on fostering an economy in which small businesses -the backbone of our economy- can thrive. That begins with cutting unnecessary spending and identifying outdated regulations. I do not support raising taxes. We need to cut wasteful spending, not take more of the taxpayers' money. Out of control inflation over the past three years has felt like a tax increase and I don’t think the government should be taking more money out of peoples’ paychecks. We need to reign in spending, stop lurching from one fiscal cliff to another, and begin to move towards a more balanced budget. I also support making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent, which contributed to low unemployment and one of the strongest economies in our nation's history.

What personal qualifications do you bring that would make you an effective congressional representative in dealing with the issues the country will face in the next two years?

I am a husband, father, small business owner, and an educator of over 20 years. I started a music school from scratch where my employees and I impact hundreds of students in our community each week, and mentor the next generation. I want to help make the 11th district one of the best places to start a business, raise a family, get an education, and for people to experience their dreams. I believe the people of IL-11 deserve new leadership that will work to solve the many problems facing our nation. We need leaders who will buckle down and do the hard work of governing, solving problems, and bringing common sense solutions. As a small business owner, I understand that oversized government is not the answer to our problems. We need market-driven solutions that will help us grow, and lead to greater opportunity & prosperity for everyone in our district.

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