Mark Davoust: 2024 candidate for Kane County Board District 14


Party: Republican

Office Sought: Kane County Board District 14

City: St. Charles

Age: 65

Occupation: President of Brasel Products, Inc.

Previous offices held: Kane County Board District 14, Saint Charles 8 Precinct Commiteeman

Why are you running for this office? Is there a particular issue that motivates you? If so, what?

I'm running for re-election as the representative for District 14 because there is vital work that needs to be done. Many of these matters are of long=standing nature that require institutional knowledge to more efficiently complete them. This is true of projects both at the County Board and the Forest Preserve District. Continuing to be a watchdog for spending is certainly a motivation as is the desire to have effective representation for my constituents and all of Kane County. This is not a time for on-the-job training. In this difficult and divisive time, we need cohesion to accomplish our mutual goals.

What experiences and background would you bring to the office and how do these affect the way you would serve on the county board?

I bring 20 years of governmental service and dedication to the citizens of Kane County. I have served on every standing committee and most Ad Hoc committees. I have chaired or had a leadership role in most committee in which I've served. In addition, I've often been tapped by leadership of both parties for work on special task forces or projects. I have represented the Forest Preserve in Springfield as well as in Kane County. I also run a small manufacturing business in Kane County. I bring that small business viewpoint to bear at the County level. This means budgeting, efficiencies, and living within our means. My family lives in Kane County and it is important for me to have a hand in crafting the future they will inherit.

What do you consider the three most-serious issues facing the county and how would you address them?

Taxes generally are the most critical issue facing the County today. Increases and irresponsible spending have pushed Illinoisians to the brink. Homeowners simply cannot shoulder any further tax burdens. The county - as private businesses- must live within its means and budgeted funds, A recent collaborative effort that I led with my colleagues on the Board, stopped proposed tax hikes from happening at the County level. I'll continue to fight for this position because it affects each and every one of us. My priorities in this regard include controlling spending, maintaining a balanced budget, seeking efficiencies', and prioritizing scarce dollars. A second issue that is increasingly important is the control of illegal immigration. Kane County is ill-prepared to deal with an influx of migrants. This is both from an economic and public safety standpoint. Finally, Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Transportation require continued vigilance.

How do you rate the health of the county's financial system? Do you support any changes in the county's fiscal policies?

Kane County is fiscally sound and will continue to be if we are vigilant with spending. We have realized some improvements with the hiring of a new Finance Director who has set a course that will result in a streamlined structure with fewer accounts that will continue to provide excellent transparency. Our County Treasurer has also made improvements in our financial situation. We now have more accurate reporting of sums we will collect so that we will be able to more effectively budget. Additionally, the Treasurer has shopped for and realized better returns on our rates of return.

Why are you the best person to serve in this role?

I am the best person to serve in this role because I provide a vast amount of institutional knowledge and experience. In these difficult times, we need the most skilled representation we can get. We need a representative who has credibility among peers and even across the aisle. This is not the time for a changing of the guard merely for the sake of change. I have a working knowledge of county government, including both the Board and Forest Preserve.

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