We’re bumbling into wider war

After disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our country seems determined to continue the same foolish policies. It started with the shameful Afghan withdrawal, resulting in 13 dead soldiers and $85 billion in lost military weapons. Before announcing the withdrawal, Biden never even advised our allies with soldiers in the country and then lied about not being told by the military not to exit in the manner he foolishly chose.

Then we keep funding the war in Ukraine resulting in tens of thousands of deaths in a futile war with Russia. After two years of war, we never hear Biden call for a cease fire and negotiations. The war has not weakened Russia, rather it has tightened the bond with China and resulted in billions in money and weapons lost on our part. Then we encouraged Finland to join NATO, a policy contrary to our unwritten decades long agreement not to put a NATO country on the border of Russia.

Then in October 2023, Hamas attacks Israel and our forces are being attacked daily in Iraq, Syria and the Red Sea. Of course, Biden’s refusal to maintain the economic sanctions generated billions in cash for Iran which assisted in funding Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Regarding the attacks on our forces, why does no one ask what we are doing in Syria and Iraq. These are both sovereign countries that do not want us there. Yet we persist in remaining for a murky mission and exposing our soldiers for no good reason. Biden’s response to the attacks has been pathetic, but just as bad is the suggestion from GOP warmongers like Lindsey Graham and Nikki Haley that we should bomb Iran. Such action would encourage Russia to join in on the Iranian side and result in a much wider war that we could not win and our allies would not join on our side.

During Trump’s term, some people said he was unhinged, but there were no major wars going on. Now it seems that we are stumbling and bumbling our way to World War III.

Stefanie O’Reilly


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