Interior design updates for 2024

“Out with the old, in with the new” is a credo that doesn’t have to exclusively apply to the turn of the year. In fact, it often pays to keep early tabs on trends coming down the pike and proactively implement what the experts forecast, especially when it comes to home improvement.

“Paying attention to interior design trends from year to year is a great way to get new inspiration for your home,” says Nadia Watts, an interior designer in Denver. “Trends often emerge from innovative ideas, which can give you a fresh perspective on your abode.”

Roman Smolevskiy, owner of A + Construction & Remodeling, mirrors those thoughts.

“It’s important to ensure your living spaces remain fresh and functional and add value to your property. Not keeping up with the latest popular movements and tendencies could lead to an outdated home, which can affect resale value and your overall living experience,” he says.

That begs the question: What’s expected in interior design next year?

Ask interior design expert Jasmine Charbonier and she’ll tell you that warm, natural materials like wood, stone, and rattan will be in vogue in 2024.

Warm, neutral materials like wood, stone and rattan will be in vogue this year, says interior design expert Jasmine Charbonier. Getty Images

“Also, expect neutral, earthy colors like terra-cotta, brown and beige to be popular choices, as will be true of vintage patterns and distressed textures,” she notes.

Danielle DeBoe Harper, senior creative style manager with Moen, foresees expansion of the maximalism trend that took root years ago.

“Bold colors and patterns and a combination of furnishings from different eras can be used together to create a look that can’t be duplicated,” DeBoe Harper suggests. “I also anticipate further adoption of the Japandi style, which is a marriage of Japanese design ethos and Scandinavian design sensibilities. With more neutral and minimal design elements, this style focuses on bringing nature, warm tones and light textures throughout the home.”

Smolevskiy concurs.

“In 2024, I see more merging of interior design with nature, such as incorporating houseplants and organic materials as well as maximizing natural light. Neutral base colors highlighted with sporadic, bold accent colors will be another fashionable approach,” he adds.

Speaking of colors, a movement toward warmer whites, including creamy off-white and warm beiges, wouldn’t surprise Seattle-based interior designer Camie Anderson.

“These hues will warm up the grays and blacks commonly used over the last 10 years. Adding cognac and vibrant colors can also pop against the backdrop of the neutral trend we’ve observed,” Anderson explains.

Watts, on the other hand, envisions several different interior design drifts that should catch on with homeowners in the coming year.

“Expect traditional with a twist. We are seeing a return of classic elements while keeping the contemporary functionality and atmosphere. That means ornate furniture used in modern spaces, eclectic layouts with a mix of old and new, and primitive pieces used in new ways,” she says.

"Curvy is back," says Nadia Watts, an interior designer based in Denver. You'll notice curves in furniture, cabinetry, kitchen islands and interior architecture. Getty Images

“Additionally, curvy is back, as evidenced by curvaceous design and furniture and a curve-centric focus found in cabinetry, kitchen islands, and interior architecture, with rounded edges all the rage. Curves create a sense of calm, and introducing rounded edges and curves allows for better flow throughout your home, making it more serene and inviting.”

Interior design aesthetics that could fall by the wayside in 2024 include wide open spaces, such as huge open-concept great rooms and kitchens and oversized sculptural lighting, continues Watts.

Also, disposable furniture is likely on the outs. “Homeowners will instead choose more sustainable and functional design and furnishing choices,” predicts Smolevskiy.

“Other fading trends include all-gray decor, ornate accents and the overly minimalist style,” says Charbonier.

To help keep up with the latest design trends and implement them uniquely throughout your home, follow designers on social media, watch the latest HGTV shows, read the newest issues of interior design-focused magazines, “and meet with an experienced interior designer and ask for recommendations for remodelers that fit your needs,” says DeBoe Harper.

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