Barbarians or a civilized world: time to chose

Are we the peoples of the world becoming barbarians? Around the globe, we fight senseless war after war while we watch our planet burn and melt. Sovereign countries are invaded. People needlessly die. Children are not protected.

In America, we fight over guns. Like, it doesn't matter that schools, places of worship and entertainment venues have been invaded and hundreds killed. The excuses are running out about the need for individuals to own military style weapons.

We get a daily view of what senseless bickering and what an insurrection has done to our own government. Often, the House of Representatives members or Senators don't respect each other. Some behave like children and like to play "gotcha." It appears that the days of dignified statesmen or women who have gone to Washington to solve problems are waning.

In America, we struggle with respect for law and order. My concern is that individuals are behaving in the manner of their leaders.

When the press takes a beating for reporting the truth, we need to remember that a reporters' job is to factually inform the people, not to cover misdeeds of past political leaders or congressional members. Have we forgotten that the American government is here to serve us, the American people? It was not created to make millionaires of congressional leaders.

Where do we go from here? It's time to reintroduce principles and values to our people. If elected, Candidates should sign a pledge that they will follow through with their promises and words. But, how do we go about teaching values? Maybe, it is time for parents, educators and faith leaders to reintroduce values and take the lead and urge individuals to seek truth and not revenge.

Betty Baum

West Dundee

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