Trump, Hamas and victimhood

People are rightly sensitive to the plight of victims. It feels totally human to feel this way. However, let's not be foolish enough to fall for the victimhood being played by Trump. He's guilty as sin. At the same time, the well-intentioned demonstrations being conducted around the world in support of the Palestinians is equally foolish.

These demonstrations illustrate ignorance of Islamic Jihad and make them susceptible to being fooled into thinking that Palestinians are separate from Hamas. They are not. Sorry to say but they are one and the same. They elected Hamas knowing full well what Hamas stood for.

Hamas doesn't hide it. They write it down and publish their goal, which is the eradication of Israel by killing as many Jews are possible. I'm opposed to bigotry, but when Hamas dedicates itself to killing Jews and chants "God is Good" while butchering innocent people something is seriously wrong with their understanding of their religion.

We did not warn the Germans or the Japanese before bombing. War is nasty; innocent people will die. It's hell on earth. Israel has every right, indeed a duty, to protect itself and its citizens. It's a war, and people will die on both sides.

Israel cannot live with Hamas on its border. Hamas and any other group bent on destroying Israel must not be allowed to govern any of the Islamic regions.

We are members of the most powerful country in the world. This position requires that we accept the duty to make sure that these butchers are defeated, just like the Nazis. It is our sacred duty to ourselves and the world. There must not be any peace until this duty is fulfilled.

We are at war with religious terrorists. They don't care about human life, not their own or ours. Like Trump, they play victim. Let's not become fools. These terrorists believe Allah supports the butchering of Jews. Really?

John S. Strauss

Campton Hills

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