A question for those wanting cease-fire

We see and hear the calls for cease-fire in the Israel/Hamas conflict. I would simply ask those who make those demands to answer one question: Does the state of Israel, the only Jewish and democratic state in the entire region, surrounded by Arab states, have a right to exist as a Jewish State?

If the answer is no, there is nothing further to discuss.

If the answer is, yes, then please explain what would happen if Israel stopped its campaign to eliminate the threat to their very existence. The leadership and the Charter of Hamas say that Israel must be destroyed and they will continue to attack Israel. Do you not believe them?

Those who insist on negotiations need to answer with whom is Israel supposed to negotiate.

If those who hate the very fact of a Jewish state and are committed to its destruction, would lay down their arms, there would be peace.

If Israel lays down their arms, it would cease to exist.

Gene Chaiken

Mount Prospect

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