Aurora synagogue begins new year celebration with special event

The women at Temple B'nai Israel celebrated Rosh Hashanah with special home decorations.

The Aurora synagogue hosted a special event Thursday to prepare for Jewish New Year 5784. Observances started at sundown Friday.

In a gathering at the synagogue, Emmy Lou John hosted a floral arrangement-creation class for members. An Aurora resident, John is a volunteer at Morton Arboretum in Lisle and president of United Women of Faith at Wesley United Methodist Church in Aurora.

John opened the session by instructing students to float an "oasis," an aqua foam block to hold flowers, on water. Guidelines continued with cutting and inserting greens, measuring and removing leaves from main and filler flowers and inserting them into the block. Finally, she wrote in a handout, "Enjoy your creation!"

John said Wesley UMC and the temple have had a working relationship for years.

Aurora resident Emmy Lou John, left, helps Sarene Rosen, Aurora, create a floral decoration during a Sept. 14 class at Temple B'nai-Israel to celebrate Jewish New Year 5784. The Aurora synagogue's observance started at sundown Friday, Sept. 15. Courtesy of Al Benson
Sugar Grove resident Jan Oncken creates a floral decoration at Temple B'nai-Israel in Aurora. Synagogue women created decorations for home observances of Jewish New Year 5784 that started at sundown Sept. 15. Courtesy of Al Benson