Sports a victim of too much sensitivity

Three cheers for Rocky Wirtz and George Hallas and Vince Lombardi and Mike Ditka. We're losing men like them - men who had a passion to overcome adversity and succeed. Sure they carried their passions to excess on occasion. But they were leaders and pulled many a follower up from defeat.

Today, many Americans are replacing the drive to succeed with a passion for sensitivity. Examples are everywhere. If a baseball player has an ache or pain it becomes a heel contusion or a stretched oblique. Oops. Put him on the 10-day disabled list. If the temperature goes above 90 degrees for four or five days, it's a health crisis and the subject of the lead Opinion piece in the Daily Herald. If Rocky Wirtz lost his temper, it's big news.

I'm more concerned about losing the passion to succeed than climate change. For how can we defeat climate change if we just overeat or take opioids and blame the Chinese? So come on, folks. Forgive Rocky Wirtz for his outburst. Let's go win a Stanley Cup.

Dan Brown

Des Plaines

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