Introducing a new and improved way to engage with our content

Today, we're introducing a new and improved way to engage with our content and with other readers at

As our new commenting tool rolls out, you can expect more lively, yet civil discussions and better ways to interact with fellow commenters. You will have the ability to upload content, like, reply, follow or share right in the comments.

Those real-time discussions will be well moderated by a team of skilled administrators to keep inappropriate and hurtful commentary out.

You can create a profile, choose a username and receive a badge if you are a subscriber. Because we are ending Facebook commenting, you will not need a Facebook account in order to comment. One Daily Herald account is all you will need to participate.

To comment on article:

1.) Click sign up or log in. If you already have a account, there's no need to create a new account. Just sign in and start commenting.

2.) If you want to change your username, go to my account. Click on the three bars at the top left of the home page, select my account and click on profile. You can change your name there.

You can opt in to receive on-site notifications about your commenting activity, such as when your comments receive engagement. Look for the notification bell at the top right of

And under that notification bell, you'll see an Active Conversations widget. This will alert you to trending discussions on articles so you can join in when the community is most active.

We are confident these new features will make our commenting community a more lively, pleasant and interactive experience where you can share your thoughts, talk to others and discuss topics important to you.

Enjoy, and happy commenting!

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