Remarkable celebration of the 30th anniversary of Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago

The Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) hosted its 30th anniversary Annual Dinner on Saturday, Nov. 19, at Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago, Illinois. The great event shines a spotlight on the Muslim community by recognizing Top Muslim Achievers and their significant contributions to society.

CIOGC is a nonprofit organization unifying a federation of over 70 mosques and Islamic organizations, With Muslims from across Chicagoland and all walks of life. The theme of this program was Honoring the Past and Committing to the Future.

For nearly three decades, the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) has served as the unifying force that brings together over 400,000 Muslim Americans in the greater Chicago region, and now increasingly all of Illinois. With over 70 member organizations, ranging from mosques to Islamic schools and community organizations based in the Chicagoland region, the CIOGC is made up of a very large and diverse body. Muslims are represented by a wide array of ethnicities, races and cultures including African Americans, Nigerians, South Asians, Arabs, Bosnians, Albanians, Turks, Latinos, Caucasians, and many more. The Council brings these extraordinary communities together in cooperation and collaboration to engage and work with the interfaith community, government, media, and the public in general. The Sucessful event was a hit with more than 1,000 attendees.

The event was emceed by Habib Quadri. The event began with a stunning recitation of the Quran and translation by Sheikh Hassan Aly. CIOGC Executive Director Abdullah Mitchell addressed the audience with an emphasis on the CIOGC design framework, purpose, and measures. He also underscored the importance of collaboration among Muslim diverse communities to overcome our challenges and achieve CIOGC objectives.

In his address, CIOGC Chair Irshad Khan outlined the objectives, activities, expansion plans and need for funding to continue to meet the growing needs of the community.

Several speakers also addressed at the event, including Sameer Vohra, Naheed Qureshi, Rashad Hussain, Abdul Nassar Rasheed, Talat Othman, Dr. Bassam Osman, Dr. Mohammad Kaiseruddin, Dr. Zaher Sahloul, Kareem Irfan, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid and Dr. Talal Sunbulli.

CIOGC honored to acknowledge three Top Muslim Achievers Sameer Vohra, Naheed Qureshi and Rashad Hussain. Achievers received the award because outstanding contribution in their field and appreciated work is valued in the community.

Dr. Bambade Shakoor-Abdullah Lifetime Achievement Award given to Ms. Fatima Abueid. She performers in Key role play during her lifetimes; she has made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the Muslim Community. Several Founding Member and Past Presidents received Recognition Awards' names were Talat Othman, Dr. Bassam Osman, Dr. Mohammad Kaiseruddin, Dr. Zaher Sahloul, Kareem Irfan, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid and Dr. Talal Sunbulli.

Muslim individuals are recognized as achievers based upon their outstanding success and contribution in the fields of sports, sciences, medicine, engineering, academic, journalistic, Law & law enforcement, finance/business, and entrepreneurship among other professions.

The fundraising was effectively conducted by Sheikh Kifah Mustapha, Imam and director at The Prayers Center Orland Park. Fundraising goals were achieved in 15 minutes.

The sponsors of the 30th annual Dinner were Mosque Foundation, the Downtown Islamic Center, Islamic Center of Naperville, Muslim Community Center, Zakat Foundation of America, Islamic Foundation North, Benedictine University, Mecca Center, Alwan Printing, Audio Visual Computer Specialists, Elite Decor, Iman Fund, Orland Park Prayer Center, and many others.

Chicagoland's civic and interfaith leaders who graciously joined our celebratory dinner included the Consul General of Pakistan, Tariq Kareem, the Consul General of India, and several other Consul Generals, Newly Elected Muslim State Representative Abdul Nassar Rasheed, Several members of the Catholic Archdiocese, and representatives from the Catholic Theological Union and the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago.

The event was covered by many of the mainstream and ethnic media, including many Chicagoland television networks.

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