A summary of Daily Herald election endorsements

This endorsement is a consensus opinion of the Daily Herald Editorial Board.

In-person voting takes place today throughout Illinois for the 2022 General Election.

Voters will be selecting a U.S. senator, top state executives, legislators and county government representatives and deciding various local and statewide referendums. Here are the Daily Herald's recommendations for candidates in contested campaigns of local interest.


U.S. Senate: Tammy Duckworth

Congress, Dist. 3: Delia Ramirez

Congress, Dist. 5: Mike Quigley

Congress, Dist. 6: Sean Casten

Congress, Dist. 8: Raja Krishnamoorthi

Congress, Dist. 9: Jan Schakowsky

Congress, Dist. 10: Brad Schneider

Congress, Dist. 11: Bill Foster

Congress, Dist. 14: Lauren Underwood


Governor: No endorsement

Attorney general: Kwame Raoul

Secretary of state: Alexi Giannoulias

Comptroller: Susana Mendoza

Treasurer: Michael Frerichs


Dist. 41: Rich Janor

Dist. 42: Terra Costa Howard

Dist. 43: Anna Moeller

Dist. 44: Fred Crespo

Dist. 45: Deanne Mazzochi

Dist. 46: Robert Stevens

Dist. 47: Amy Grant

Dist. 48: Azam Nizamuddin

Dist. 49: Maura Hirschauer

Dist. 51: Chris Bos

Dist. 52: Martin McLaughlin

Dist. 53: Mark Walker

Dist. 54: Mary Beth Canty

Dist. 55: Martin Moylan

Dist. 56: Michelle Mussman

Dist. 61: Peter Pettorini

Dist. 62: Adam Shores

Dist. 65: Dan Ugaste

Dist. 66: Suzanne Ness

Dist. 69: Joe Sosnowski

Dist. 81: Anne Stava-Murray

Dist. 83: Keith Wheeler

Dist. 84: Stephanie Kifowit

Dist. 97: Harry Benton


Dist. 21: Laura Ellman

Dist. 23: Suzanne Glowiak Hilton

Dist. 24: Seth Lewis

Dist. 25: Karina Villa

Dist. 26: Dan McConchie

Dist. 27: Ann Gillespie

Dist. 28: Laura Murphy

Dist. 31: Adam Solano

Dist. 42: Linda Holmes

Dist. 43: Rachel Ventura


Board President: Toni Preckwinkle

Sheriff: Tom Dart

Treasurer: Maria Pappas

Cook County clerk: No endorsement

County Board Dist. 9: Maggie Trevor

County Board. Dist. 14: Scott Britton

County Board Dist. 15: Kevin Morrison

County Board Dist. 17: Sean Morrison


Board Chairman: Greg Hart

Clerk: Evelyn Sanguinetti

Treasurer: Gwen Henry

County Board, Dist. 1: Cindy Cronin Cahill, Donald Puchalski, Sam Tornatore

County Board, Dist. 2: Liz Chaplin, Paula Deacon Garcia, Yeena Yoo

County Board, Dist. 3: Lucy Chang Evans, Brian Krajewski, Rosemary Spann

County Board, Dist. 4: Grant Eckhoff, Mary Fitzgerald Ozog, Lynn LaPlante

County Board, Dist. 5: Sadia Covert, Dawn DeSart, Saba Haider

County Board, Dist. 6: Sheila Rutledge, Greg Schwarze, James Zay

DuPage County Forest Preserve District

President: Daniel Hebreard

Board, Dist. 1: Marsha Murphy

Board, Dist. 2: Tina Tyson-Dunne

Board, Dist. 3: Linda Painter

Board, Dist. 4: Jeff Gahris

Board, Dist. 5: Barbara O'Meara

Board, Dist. 6: Al Murphy


Clerk: John "Jack" Cunningham

Treasurer: Jeffrey Pripusich

Sheriff: Ronald Hain

County Board, Dist. 2: Dale Berman

County Board, Dist. 4: Mavis Bates

County Board, Dist. 5: Bill Lenert

County Board, Dist. 6: Ron Ford

County Board, Dist. 8: Michelle Gumz

County Board, Dist. 10: David Brown

County Board, Dist. 11: Leslie Juby

County Board, Dist. 12: Bill Roth

County Board, Dist. 13: Todd Wallace

County Board, Dist. 14: Mark Davoust

County Board, Dist. 15: Scott Johansen

County Board, Dist. 17: Deborah Allan

County Board, Dist. 18: Rick Williams

County Board, Dist. 19: Mo Iqbal

County Board, Dist. 20: Lucio Estrada

County Board, Dist. 21: Cliff Surges

County Board, Dist. 22: Vern Tepe

County Board, Dist. 23: Christopher Kious

County Board, Dist. 24: Jarett Sanchez


Clerk: Anthony Vega

Treasurer: Holly Kim

Sheriff: John Idleburg

County Board Dist. 1: Linda Pederson

County Board Dist. 2: Adam Schlick

County Board Dist. 3: Ann Maine

County Board Dist. 5: J. Kevin Hunter

County Board Dist. 6: John Wasik

County Board Dist. 7: Carissa Casbon

County Board Dist. 10: Jessica Vealitzek

County Board Dist. 13: Sandy Hart

County Board Dist. 15: Jennifer Clark

County Board Dist. 16: Esiah Campos

County Board Dist. 17: Michael Danforth

County Board Dist. 18: Sara Frederick Knizhnik

County Board Dist. 19: Marah Altenburg


Amendment 1 (Statewide): No

Community Mental Health Boards (Will County, Townships of Addison, Lisle, Naperville, Schaumburg, Wheeling, Winfield, Vernon): Yes

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