Lupe Aguirre: 2022 candidate for Cook County sheriff

Editor's note: Candidate did not fill out questionnaire.


Party: Republican

Office sought: Cook County sheriff




Previous offices held:


Q: If you're the incumbent, what successes have you had in office that makes you deserving of another term? If you're the challenger, what experiences and successes in your background make you qualified for this position?


Q: Increases in crime have become a significant concern for residents of Cook County. How effective do you believe the sheriff's office has been in addressing this and what more should be done?


Q: Carjackings in the Chicago region hit a 20-year high in 2021. What is the sheriff's office doing to combat this trend, or what should it be doing?


Q: Illinois is scheduled to begin a cashless bail system at the start of 2023. What benefits do you believe this will bring, what are your concerns, and how do you foresee if impacting operations at the county jail?


Q: Sheriff Dart has referred to the county jail as one of the largest mental health facilities in the nation. What more can the county government, and in particular the sheriff's office, do to address mental health needs in the community and lessen the need to incarcerate those who need treatment?


Q: Cook County experienced a record number of fatal drug overdoses in 2021. What's the role of the sheriff's office in addressing the opioid crisis, and what programs or initiatives do you suggest?


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