Esiah Campos: 2022 candidate for Lake County Board District 16


Party: Democratic

Office sought: Lake County Board District 16

City: Round Lake Beach

Age: 26

Occupation: Pension Analysts, Navy Reserve Corpsman

Previous offices held:


Q: Why are you running for this office, whether for reelection or election for the first time? Is there a particular issue that motivates you?

A: I'm running for the first time in my life because I noticed a lack of leadership by our current board member and the lack of representation for the Latino and working class families here in District 16. As a current Union Member and Navy Reservist I know how to get people together and build relationships which just simply wasn't being done by the current board member. A lot of the issues in our district can be solved and worked through, if we have a board member who's willing to fight for our community and make the necessary friendships. I have done that as a candidate, I'm not waiting to be elected.

Q: If you are an incumbent, describe your main contributions. Tell us of any important initiatives you've led. If you are a challenger, what would you bring to the board and what would your priority be?

A: I bring a new perspective and certainly different energy to the table, most of the current board and those seeking to join it is comprised of an older generation. I don't come with any personal or political baggage from being in office too long since this is my first race. I plan to bring new insight and vigor to the District, my priorities are to build the Latino community to gain more seats at the table throughout lake county. Fighting for our districts fair share of the $122 million allocated to storm water management for projects here in the Round Lake Areas. Working alongside our representatives to accomplish the things a out of the Boards control

Q: Given the recent history of flat tax levies, do you think the county/forest preserve have done good jobs of budgeting or do you see specific area that can be improved?

A: I believe Board Member Kyle has done an amazing job as well of the other Board Members at balancing the needs of the forest preserve with the wider County issues. The biggest question facing the forest preserve in my opinion is the expansion of the Waukegan Airport. We love our parks and forest preserves, much more needs to be looked at as to the impact and economic pros and cons of such an undertaking

Q: Would you support putting a referendum on the ballot for voters to decide if they wish to issue new bonds to preserve open spaces, restore habitats, create more trails and upgrade forest preserves?

A: More Community involvement Is always encouraged especially when it comes to issues facing them now. However, I could see an issue should there be an immediate need facing the forest preserves which warrant a faster approach, as well as the possible misinformation which could tilt a referendum either way.

Q: What is the single most important issue facing your district and how should the county address it?

A: Crime and Stormwater Funding. As we have noticed with recent tragedies within and outside our district, police presence along with fair and effective policing is ever more important. Outfitting and providing our police with the necessary equipment and training to better protect us remains a core issue. Future stormwater projects and funding will come into focus as well during the next 4 years. In 2017 The Round Lake Areas saw flooding events which resulted in people's homes being damaged and roads shutting down. These "rare" weather occurrence are becoming more prevalent due to global warming, and we need to be proactive and not reactive in preventing another flooding event here in our District.

Q: Lake County officials want public feedback on how to spend portions of some $135 million in leftover federal pandemic funding. What are your thoughts on how the money ought to be spent?

A: I believe more community involvement and input is never a wrong way to go, with that being said, a lot of our businesses were hit hard and had to shut down. Some even adapted to the new way of doing business and never hired back the staff that was employed pre-Covid. I would be interested in getting the businesses together to speak about their needs and what might be the best approach in solving their needs.

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