Cody Holt: 2022 candidate for Kane County Board District 19


Party: Republican

Office sought: Kane County Board District 19

City: Elgin

Age: 30

Occupation: Political Consultant

Previous offices held: Elgin Area School District U-46 board, 2015-17


Q: Do you support an increase in the countywide retail sales tax to help pay for expenses related to the SAFE-T legislation? If yes, which SAFE-T-related expenses, specifically, should be covered with the additional tax? If no, how do you suggest paying for the increased expenses related to the SAFE-T legislation?

A: The people of Kane County shoulder one of the highest combined tax burdens in the nation. Increasing taxes is not an option.

Instead, I would support instituting two countywide annual sales tax holidays to promote business growth, while providing economic/inflation relief to people. In government, we can find fiscally responsible ways to budget properly to accommodate this massive unfunded mandate from Springfield Democrats. I'm mainly concerned with the cost this legislation is going to have in our neighborhoods with more criminals back on the street.

Q: What should be done to retain county staff? If you propose increases in salaries or benefits, how should those added costs be covered?

A: County offices and departments should do a re-evaluation of the positions posted to see if we are asking too much from applicants with regards to qualifications. Also, as a former county employee, I think it's important to find ways to improve morale in departments. Unfortunately, management and office holders are limited by collective bargaining contracts to incentivize and retain high-performing employees.

Q: Do you believe the county auditor should be an elected or appointed position? Why? Are there any other countywide offices that are currently elected positions that you believe should be appointed instead? If so, please explain.

A: I'm open to looking into consolidating the Recorder's and/or Auditor's Office, but only if it makes fiscal sense to do so and not increase costs to the county taxpayers or diminish the quality of services provided. If it makes fiscal sense, I would support putting the question(s) to the voters for final determination on whether they want to continue electing these positions or want to consolidate them into other county offices.

Q: The county has seen an increase in truck traffic. How do you propose to address the infrastructure needs that come with this increase in traffic? Do you support a moratorium on warehouse developments in unincorporated areas of the county? Please explain.

A: I support advocating for responsible growth and development. My opponent supported a semi-truck parking lot that would have been in this district and housed over 800 semi-trucks at a time. When residents came out to oppose this at a town hall meeting, he didn't show up to listen to their concerns. This parking lot would have been right off Tyrrell Road, which is a county maintained. Tyrrell Road is not suited to handle that amount of truck traffic.

I won't support a moratorium, but do support hosting town hall meetings in areas that could be impacted by warehouse growth to hear the thoughts of local residents.

Q: What direction do you think the county should move as it relates to its aging buildings? Build new or rehab existing buildings? Why and how would you propose the county pay for any new buildings or improvements?

A: We have to start to rethink the structure of government itself as we move further into the 21st century. The real question we should be asking is whether or not we need brick-and-mortar buildings in general to provide government services to people.

Q: How do you think the county should spend the remaining COVID-19 relief funds?

A: By doing whatever we can to provide inflation and tax relief to the people of Kane County. It should not be used to expand or increase services that will require funding in the future.

Q: The COVID pandemic also put a spotlight on the need for mental health services. What role should the county play in this?

A: County taxpayers shouldn't have to pay twice for one service. State government should be providing mental health services. We are seeing an increase in need because state lawmakers have not properly funded mental health services, but instead they decided to pass that responsibility on to local government.

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