Letter: These political appeals are a money grab

Hey, Trump supporters. I assume you didn't hear about it on your TV news, but if you contributed to the "Stop the Steal Legal Fund," you were scammed as if by a "Nigerian prince." There was no such fund. The $250 million collected was used at Trump hotels and given to friends.

Now, sure, the attempted coup, that's all political. No one's going to jail for that. But this was a scam, pure and simple. Trump just used people like suckers. Get their hard-earned $20 and play with their money. It shows what he really thinks of his supporters. Shouldn't there be some outrage and prosecution?

And, by the way, I know lying to Congress is OK nowadays, but shouldn't a Supreme Court nominee be expected to be honest and above reproach? Each of the Trump nominees told Congress Roe was long-standing accepted precedent and should not be overturned. They simply lied to get on the court. So now none of the three branches of government can be trusted. Do you care?

But you say, "But inflation ..." Has any Republican offered a solution? They just blame Biden for global inflation and happily take your vote, your rights and your money.

David Greb


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