Letter: Stand up for our quality of life

Chicago Magazine's Best Places to Live! "Those of us who live here know how truly special Itasca is," said Mayor Pruyn, By now I am hoping all of you, who are so lucky to live in this truly special Itasca, will do the right thing, call Mayor Pruyn. Tell him you don't want to be known for kicking families out of their homes for tearing neighborhood apart, bulldozing homes, schools and church to the ground. Cutting downing hundreds of trees.

And for what? Greed and more warehouses.

If you don't stand up for your neighbors, what does it say about you as a person. No one has the right to force us from our homes. Show the Mayor and yours neighboring communities how special the people of Itasca are. That you will fight with us to keep our homes.

We see on the new hundreds of homes and business being destroyed by fires, tornados and hurricanes. Then you listen to the families who lost everything and what do they all say? We will rebuild. This is who we are.

This is our community. Our neighborhood. Our friends and families. But what about us? Where do we go?

We can't' rebuild. This is where we chose to live for the same reasons you did. Central location, low crime, quality schools, direct access to three interstates and Metra.

How far do we how to go? To be safe from this happening again? We will not sell our home of 35 years so it can be torn down.

And I am hoping that the people of Itasca will do the right thing and fight for us. Soon Itasca will be known a the little island surround by only warehouses. Till they need more warehouse and start looking at you homes.

Karen Fahlgren


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