Letter: Questions to work out

To the pro-choicers:

1. Where would you be if your mother had your point of view?

2. Are you sure the unborn child has no rights at all?

3. There is frequently a longterm mental, physical and emotional effect on the mother who terminates her pregnancy.

4. Culturaly, in general, as the standard of living rises. the birth rate decreases. Terminating pregnancy adds to the situation, risking that you no longer will have a viable work force to replace the existing one.

To the right-to-lifers:

1. Where is the advocacy for a nationwide program, public or private or both, to help women with unwanted pregnancy for whatever reason? What about financial assistance to help with the birth, care and raising of the child, coupled with an adoption program for those who wish to use it?

2. There are two people involved in right to life. the mother and the unborn child, both equally important and both equally precious in God's eyes.

3. Withholding proper medical care for whatever reason is not the answer. Proper medical care should always be available, regardless.

Finally, instead of pro-choicers and right to lifers protesting against each other, why not get together and work out a solution beneficial to both sides?

Dennis Phillips

Island Lake

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