Letter: Campaign ad is not funny and not fair

One of Marie Newman's TV ads has an unprintable name that is supposed to be funny, but it is also quite unfair, especially when it mentions Casten voted for Republicans over 30 years ago.

Over 30 years ago, I voted for a Republican candidate. I was pro-choice and supported many liberal causes, but I voted for the Republican because he focused more being a college student, less on his political views.

Since that election, I've worked for Democrats and have worked with many progressive groups. I regret voting for that Republican candidate, because I didn't fully consider his platform then and the values of today's Republican Party do not represent my present values.

It would be unfair to judge me today based on that vote. Casten is 100% pro-choice and has consistently voted for pro-choice positions in Congress. Newman's ad is not funny or fair, but is worthy of its name.

William Brinkman


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