Letter: Due diligence can help fight inflation

People speak of how much more everything costs. Are there ways to help cushion the blow? Of course.

Today, for instance, I went through the food store ads that came with my Daily Herald. I reviewed what were being promoted and figured out breakfast and dinners for the next five to six days.

I purchased my items and at the end, my savings according to the cash register receipt was $34.08.

My wife and I try to review and use coupons that come from the stores or in mailers. More so now than before. Yes, it does take a little time but not that much.

On gasoline, many may be surprised, but countries outside of the United States have been paying more over the years than North Americans. It's just that the pricing has now caught up with us thanks to Wall Street speculators.

Plan your trips for errands, which will help cut down on gas usage.

Do your due diligence and things can get better.

Greg and Linda Swiderski

Rolling Meadows

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