James Marter: 2022 candidate for U.S. House 14th District


Party: Republican

Office sought: U.S. House 14th District

City: Oswego

Age: 59

Occupation: Self, Marter Enterprises LLC, est. 2002

Previous offices held: Twice elected and current Kendall County GOP Chairman; GOP State Central Committee Deputy for IL-14 Congressional District; Elected Oswego Library Board Trustee; Republican Precinct Committeemen; Serve On Advisory Board of Illinois Conservative Union, Former Steering Committee member of Illinois Center Right Coalition.


What needs to be done to get Congress to work constructively, whether that be senators and representatives of both parties working with each other or Congress itself working with the president?

Congress is BROKE, WOKE, and getting BROKER by the day. It simply does NOTHING right. EVERYTHING needs FIXED! I'm running for US CONGRESS to protect LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I will defend our values, to SAVE America and the America Dream.

We must eliminate Omnibus spending bills, eliminate earmarks "AGAIN," eliminate pay to play. Plan the budget on zero-based budgeting philosophy, with Activity based accounting principles. We need fiscally responsible conservatism, watching over it with the eye of a hawk! STOP the Washington DC Spending

SPREE! Bring back America Energy, put us back to Energy independence, with American jobs. Reestablish individual American Citizen's rights under Federal Law to ensure that no President, Governor, or government official can take away any individuals right of Health Conscience, right to an advocate, and right to make their own decisions, ever again.

Defund the Dept. of Education, end CRT & Sexual Indoctrination of Children.

What is your position on changing voter access?

There is NOT an issue on voter access, there is an issue on Election Integrity! In America we cherish our RIGHT to VOTE and every American Citizen should have ONE VOTE from one jurisdiction during each election cycle. No MORE and NO less. It is the American Citizen's duty and Responsibility to ensure they follow their STATES election law and are properly registered to VOTE before election day.

We need to have election integrity so we can restore the public trust in our voting system. Transparency and accountability are vital in doing so. Every state needs voter identification and Voters must be verified with a government issued voter id! There must be monitoring and verification system in place by poll workers and watchers from all parties, paper ballots, secure chain of custody, proof of citizenship and residency, and the ability of voters to have full, forensic audits, independent of the county clerk's office for every election and it must be allowed quickly within 45 days.

Do you recognize that the election of Joe Biden as president in 2020 was legitimate and fair? If not, why?

I recognize Joe Biden as a failure and the worst ever. I want the fraud in the battleground states properly adjudicated, only Legal votes counted. I can't answer a question on the 2020 election until the REPUBLICAN evidence is heard and forensic audits are completed for battleground states. President Trump called for the same. We should never see a repeat of the massive election tampering, Republican poll watchers and election judges illegally kept from doing their jobs. This was on full display in 2020 and subsequent days of ballot counting and ballot drops. When the legitimate procedures of law were invoked, they were not adjudicated and summarily dismissed by Democrat Clerks, Judges, and election authorities. Never on the merits. How do the electors of a jurisdiction, and a candidate on the ballot not have standing? It is absolute, state legislatures by the Constitution, have the final say in matters of election law. In many states, WI, PA, etc., Election law was violated and ignored.

What, if anything, should Congress do to prevent another violent attack such as the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol?

Hold PELOSI accountable for her failures on Jan. 6th, 2021. Never let the CAPITAL POLICE be under prepared and improperly managed again. Get to the bottom of why the legitimate planned rallies were cancelled, who did that? Why were the Rally Venues on the Capital lawn not set up? Why were the Capital Doors open? Why were Capital police visibly letting people in and wonder freely? Why was there not enough officers, national guard, and barriers around the capital?

What do you consider America's role in world affairs? In particular, what should our role be regarding current points of tension involving Russia/Ukraine, the future of Taiwan or other threats of Chinese expansionism and the Middle East?

To defend American interest and protect our Citizens and our nation. We should engage in National Defense vs. nation state entities and Terrorist organizations that threaten us, including protection of Trade and Shipping (Air, Land, Sea) and enforcement of American Interests in agreements both supporting allies and trade partners.

Russia has gone backwards since the fall of communism and the Soviet bloc. They are an illegal aggressor and occupier of Crimea and now Ukraine. We need to stand strong against the Russian war and illegal occupations. I support the Ukraine people's rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We should allow Poland through NATO to provide MIGs and resources to Ukraine.

We need a PRESIDENT who projects strength and not weakness, one who is aware, not mentally challenged. One who is putting American Interest first. BIDEN is giving Iran exactly what is needs to go NUCLEAR, this is a disaster. Likewise, miserably with Chinese expansionism, Taiwan.

Do you acknowledge humans' role in causing climate change? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

There is not specific, concrete evidence of human activity significantly impacting climate. In contrast there is direct evidence implicating those promoting "theory of man-made climate change" of fabrication and falsification of data to support their claims. Evidence supports climate change occurs naturally and has been from one ice-age to another.

I learned long ago in public school, Carbon Dioxide is plant food. In a process called "photosynthesis," plants use sunlight to convert CO2 and water, to sugar and oxygen. Science has yet to prove otherwise. Obama EPA declared CO2 a toxic substance, nonsense. It is a naturally occurring gas, exhaled by every living animal. It's ludicrous for the government to tax and regulate it, as if it has the wisdom or knowledge to do so.

Government role has a limited role to ensure clean air, water, etc. We need common sense controls on emissions, etc. to ensure a clean, healthy environment for all Americans. Get Washington out of "saving the planet"

Please define your position on health care reform, especially as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

The un-Affordable Care Act needs replaced. The formerly free Private insurance market was devastated by the PPACA. Prices have soared affecting every American Family. So-called Medicare for all is nothing short of a centralized (communist) government control of healthcare. It puts government workers in charge of routine and serious medical conditions, and puts a government bureaucrat between a patient and their doctor or nurse. The failure of this was on display with FAUCI dictating medical procedures and limiting health care choices for patients and silencing doctors.

The solution is to enact Constitutional market-based health care reforms: a) restore free markets (e.g. prescriptions) b) portability of insurance across state lines; from employer plans to employee c) tort reform d) equalized tax free treatment of health care costs individuals. e) allow all Americans to directly participate in tax-free Health Savings Accounts. Independent financial and forensic annual audits.

What immigration policies do you support? Where, if at all, do you see room for compromise to produce an effective policy on immigration? Does the government have any responsibility toward Dreamers who were brought to the United States illegally as children and are now adults? How will these policies affect your district?

I fully support the plan. I support the federal and constitutional immigration process. 1. Enforce existing Immigration law.

2. No DACA and No Amnesty

3. End LBJ's Chain migration immigration.

4. End the practice of birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and foreign visitors.

5. Enforce the Border, deport when an illegal immigrant is detained. End catch-and-release. Require state and local law enforcement to report affirmatively all non-citizens in custody to ICE, make ICE detainers mandatory, and require ICE to pick up and remove deportable aliens.

6. End Sanctuary Cities and States, enforce the law against elected officials and bodies who are in violation of federal law.

7. Enforce the law against employers who are knowingly breaking the law and hiring illegals. Ending the Diversity Visa Program.

8. Cap and reduce all Immigration levels significantly, until we can overhaul the immigration law in its entirety process

The people of my district will be safer!

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