America is among the noble countries

I read that Tucker Carlson recently said, "Democrats have convinced themselves Russia stole the presidency which rightfully belonged to Hillary Clinton. And that's why they are taking us to war with Russia." Carlson must have taken a long and winding road to come to this conclusion.

We are not taking our country to war with Russia. We are trying to help Ukraine fight off Russia's "special operation."

Fortunately, we currently have a concerned president. If we had a less concerned president who might ignore the pleas to help Ukraine; if that president leaned more toward Russia than our own country; if we did not make any effort to help Ukraine, we might look like shameless selfish Scrooges while other more noble and ethical countries offer their assistance.

I believe we are very much one of those more noble and ethical countries. I believe that we are living up to what our country is supposed to be. I believe Tucker Carlson is making things up.

Jo Lewinski

Glen Ellyn

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