What are your best April Fools' Day pranks? Our Facebook followers share their favorites.

April Fools' Day is upon us once again, so consider this your warning not to be tricked. The internet LOVES April Fools' Day.

To help you prepare for any possible antics that might be coming your way, we asked our Facebook followers to share some of their best April Fools' Day pranks. Here's what they had to say, and share yours in the comments below:

"Got into an argument with my future wife and proposed at the end."

- Jeff Sanderson

"Lived in apartment building where you needed a pass to park in the lot. My husband was having a bachelor party at the apartment. I was out at work and pulled in the lot and noticed nobody had the passes in their car windows. So I went up to the apartment and said um I don't know who has parking passes in their car but if you don't have one you better go down because they are out there towing cars. You never seen so many guys run down 3 flights of stairs so fast. After they all ran out I started laughing. They all came back up and said man that was a good one."

- Gina Fredericks Swintek

"We moved a co-worker's desk into the bathroom! It was fabulous."

- Barbara Felt Miller

"I told my mom I'm moving back in.. then threw all my brothers stuff out on the lawn, then told my brother mom was kicking him out... 'Time to leave the nest little bird.'"

- Erich Miarnöwski

"Every April Fools' Day my mother would come in the bedroom to wake us five kids and tell us it's blizzarding out and we would believe her. As some of us got older we still pretended to believe it and act shocked and laugh for the benefit of the two younger ones."

- Cathi Madl Dennis

"Worked at a sporting goods store. Security guys would be up in the rafters looking down for shoplifters. I took some eye black and put it on the eye pieces of their binoculars. Some customers started laughing at them. They were not amused."

- JV Kuhn

"Salt in the sugar shaker was my 'go to' April Fools day prank. Some of older sibs still check sugar before pouring it in their coffee."

- Anola Gill Stowick

"My old Boss! We were at a publishing company that was crazy busy, merging three companies into one! Myself and another co-worker were newly married she used to joke that we weren't allowed to get pregnant for at least a year. I wore big sweater, big shirts anyway, and on April fool's day I left a diaper with a note on it that we needed to talk. She got into work and YELLED my name I had a pillow under my sweater and I walked into her office, she said but you said you weren't trying臘 I said things happen. Then I turned around pulled the pillow out from under my sweater and said but Di, I was going to name the baby after you. She chucked the pillow at me!! Everyone in the office knew I was doing it, and they waited anxiously for that YELL."

- Kim Heldmann

"I had just started dating my boyfriend. I wore my wedding ring from when I was married to work and told my friend he proposed the night before. She fell for it. The joke is really on me, though, as I've been dating said guy over 12 years & he still hasn't proposed!"

- Andrea Casalino

"Called my dispatcher over the radio and told him I had run my vehicle out of fuel … there was dead silence, and finally he responded asking me where I was? I responded back, April Fools! (I didn't really run out of fuel!) He was not amused, but said I got him good! I had all the other drivers believing me too, which made the April Fools prank even better!"

- Elaine Henningfield Witte

"I'm an elementary teacher so my students are the recipients of most of my April Fool's pranks. I've done everything from word searches that don't really have the words hidden in them, to a worksheet that tells the students to read everything first before doing anything and the last direction says put your name on your paper and don't do any of these (some of which include standing up and singing the ABCs out loud or doing 5 jumping jacks). However, my favorite was last year when my students just came back from remote learning and we were in hybrid learning. I told them that the technology department just downloaded some new software and we needed to test it to make sure it works. One of the tests was a smell test so I had a picture of food on the screen and my students had to smell it to see if they could smell the food through the screen. I had kids in the classroom and at home remote learning all bringing their Chromebook screens to their noses and smelling them. It was hilarious and took them a good 3-5 minutes before someone figured out it was an April Fool's Day joke."

- Alexis Bennett Thomas

"I bought a bag of catnip and put it in a baggie to prank a friend. I saw him in the local pub, took out the catnip and said, 'My brother gave me this for my birthday. I don't smoke it. Do you want it?' He snatched it up. I saw him leaving with a woman shortly afterward. In the wee hours, I got a call. 'What the h*ll WAS that?' 'Catnip, what did you think it was,' I responded."

- Rose Panieri

"I baked cookies for my neighbor's teen with no sugar and extra salt. He was too polite to say that they were terrible."

- Maureen Jackson

"A couple years ago April Fools' Day was on Easter. So we fooled our 3 grandkids by making their Easter baskets full of crazy things. We had a roll of toilet paper in each one, a can of soup, some old pencils and other random, uninteresting stuff. They are such awesome kids they smiled and said thank you and tried to hide their disappointment, I kept asking 'do you know what day it is' and they kept saying 'EASTER!' I couldn't hold out very long before I told them it was also April Fools' Day and went and got their 'real' baskets. Then they thought it was pretty funny the trick we played on them."

- Amy Johnson

"My wife put a beef bouillon cube in my shower head. I smelled delicious all day."

- Craig Schuda

"In 2018, Easter was on April Fools' Day. So I made a joke Easter basket filled with dog treats, empty candy wrappers, dog and cat food, deodorant, soap, wrapped stuff in Christmas paper, real grass (instead of Easter grass), twigs, leaves, etc."

- Donna Sandt

"At work! We put a pair of pants & shoes in a bathroom stall to make it appear like someone was using the toilet. We then sprayed the pants and entire stall with fart spray!! PRICELESS REACTIONS!!"

- Kevin Soper

"Put a piece of waxed paper in hubbies sandwich. It got soggy and he ate it!"

- Kathy Rambo

"I put yellow cards that resembled parking tickets on the cars in the school parking lot. People ran out to see what they had done wrong. (I had written April Fools on the reverse side.)"

- Maureen Jackson

"Pranked a co-worker by putting glue on the tips of his pens and pencils and took the speaker out of his desk phone. He got me back by putting a plastic rat in my desk drawer which freaked me out."

- Alice Reid-Oates

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