Exactly what is and isn't an insurrection?

A couple weeks ago, several FBI officials said there was scant evidence that the January 6 riot was organized, by former President Donald Trump or anybody else.

Politicians of the Democratic Party also keep crowing about the "white supremacist insurrection" even though they know they are lying.

They are the same politicians who were curiously quiet about the 2020 riots that lasted all summer and in some cases, even paid bail for the few rioters who actually got arrested and had been demonizing the police four months.

Yes, the January 6 riot should be condemned, but it clearly was not an insurrection.

Not one shot was fired and the only person who died that day was one of the protesters.

There was also about $1.5 million in damages.

Contrast that with the 2020 riots that killed dozens of people and cost billions of dollars.

I am not a Proud Boy, I am not in any way associated with them, but there are Proud Boys of all races and their chairman, Enrique Tarrio, is a black man of Cuban descent.

I would just like some consistency from these disingenuous Democratic politicians.

I don't love most Republicans, but at least they are mostly consistent.

Allen Grannis

South Elgin

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