Arlington Heights Entrepreneur and Her Band Of Merrymakers Are Spreading Hope In Pandemic-Weary Communities Nationwide

Julie Lokun, Masters Certified Life Coach, and her band of merrymakers are locking arms to make a difference during on the eve of Year Two of the pandemic. Lokun has elicited a call to action for entrepreneurs from around the country to offer their brand of inspiration to those who are desperately in need of assistance. Lokun's not-so-subtle message has enlisted a new kind of activist. "I call upon entrepreneurs to utilize their unique talents and stop standing on the sidelines. It is ok to get your hands dirty-just help!", Lokun continues, "Whether it is one person or many, stop waiting to make a difference!" The powerful result of this movement in her message is expressed daily, nationwide, in different formats.

Her "merrymakers" include podcasters, mental health professionals, artisans, just to name a few. These merrymakers, who hale from all parts of the country share one common thread, which is the passion to be of service. "I have purposefully facilitated a movement of entrepreneurs to reclaim or even reinvent the resilient spirit this country was built on". Lokun explains. Lokun lives on the outskirts of Chicago and has seen in her community a downshift in resilience. Lokun, an entrepreneur as well, is the owner of Crown & Compass Life Coaching and is privy to the defeated spirit in her community.

"I work with entrepreueneurs daily and they are always asking me-what can I do? After you heard the question over and over, I knew I had to lead the charge and create a like-minded movement to help those who are in the greatest need. I encouraged all these entreprenuers to use their greatest talents and offer up their services and talents at no cost".

Throughout human history, crises have been pivotal in developing our societies. Pandemics have helped advance health-care systems, wars have fuelled technological innovations and the global financial crisis helped advance tech companies such as Uber. The present coronavirus pandemic will arguably not be an exception; entrepreneurs can be expected to rise to the challenge. "This call to action with small businesses is a non-negotialble-I believe it is our responsibility to extend ourselves past our comfort zones and give all we can in the world's transition".

Businesses play a key role both in helping society get through an economic crisis and in creating innovations that shape society after a crisis. So one key question is: how will the ongoing crisis influence future society? "My personal mission is to encourage small businesses to think outside the box and use their voices to bring calm to this uncomfortable normality we find ourselves in -in 2021".

Her notable tribe of changemakers includes the acclaimed Florida Bakery Victor & Mika's. This is the only female, black-owned vegan bakery in Florida, who recognizes change is essential in these times. "Change is the only constant and we need to adapt and innovate," states Victor Munoz. Victor Munoz & Mika Altidor, out of Winter Haven, Florida are tirelessly championing the importance of health during the pandemic. "People are not only getting sick but they are staying sick-things have to change and we will do anything it takes to spread the word", states Munoz a tireless advocate for allocating healthy resouces to all demographics. The baking duo, Munoz and Altidor, have been donating healthy foods to front-line workes and to the homeless.

The reach of the merrymakers extends to Atlanta, Georgia where businessmen Larry McDonald Jr and John Stulak have bypassed their day jobs to create a space of wisdom, with their internationally acclaimed podcast, The WizeGuys. McDonald and Stulak are garnering a grassroots following that is bringing hope to pandemic-weary listener who are yearning for a new perspective.

In addition, Lokun has enlisted experts such as mental health professional Tristin Hodges and holistic nutritionist, Tia Morell to be apart of this merrymaking coalition. "This is what dreams are made of...", states Morell of Circle Pines, Minnesota. "This time of year brings in quite a bit of seasonal depression and it is so important that people understand that their food choices directly impact their mental health". Morell continues, "I want to do my part in giving people the tools they need to start living a more fulfilling life".

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