Expect COVID outbreak - or else find a hoax

After watching all the protests and riots on TV, I am going to be looking for an explosion of COVID-19 cases in the next few weeks. These people in the streets were completely ignoring the "rules" that have been foisted upon us citizens; i.e., social distancing, etc. If there is no dramatic outbreak in cases of the flu pandemic one can only assume that this has been the biggest hoax, fraud, whatever you want to call it, perpetrated on the American people in my lifetime. I am not going to talk about reasons and who promoted this "quarantine," but somebody should pay, dearly. My first action would to banish Dr. Fauci to the Wuhan Laboratory in China and place mirrors on every wall in every room of his abode and work space so that he can always see his brilliant countenance.

And if I am wrong and there is a massive outbreak, feel free to call me out, I will be deeply apologetic.

Richard Murdock

North Aurora

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