Address three root causes for social upheaval

The social upheaval in our country creates yet another opportunity for our society to right the wrongs that have contributed to economic disparity and social injustice. Our elected officials should consider addressing three root causes that lie at the heart of the issue.

1. No human life is disposable. From the moment of conception, all human life is made in the likeness and image of God.

A lack of respect for the dignity of human life-forms an attitude that allows one to justify abuse against another human being.

2. The traditional nuclear family is the foundation for economic and social stability.

I applaud the many single mothers and grandmothers who have accepted the responsibility of being the head of their respective households.

However, the lack of a father figure and the resources of a two parent family creates an economic burden that should not exist; a burden that has not been successfully overcome by the government safety net.

Making people dependent on government for their own well-being is not the way for them to achieve financial freedom nor the pride of personal achievement.

3. A public education system must deliver on the promise to prepare its students for success. Those in charge must be held accountable when their schools fail to develop the innate skills and talents of the students they purport to serve.

A system which passes students through who are ill-prepared to qualify for meaningful jobs and careers must be radically overhauled. Failures in education and career path options force unqualified students to accept substandard jobs. This leads to an earnings gap and a lower standard of living that cannot be made up simply by raising the minimum wage.

Let's encourage our elected leaders to ignore the rhetoric and impart meaning change that will benefit all.

Peter Gennuso


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