Golf tip: How to be a consistent chipper

Chip shots require a few fundamentals. Oftentimes they are overlooked by golfers of all playing abilities.

I'll go over a few of these fundamentals to help you become a better chipper around the greens.

1. Make sure you choke down on the grip so your body is closer and over the ball to help with a consistent and solid ball striking stroke. This will make your club counterbalanced so the added weight above the hands doesn't allow a flipping action through your shot. Maintain good posture and add a little more knee flex if needed.

2. Your stance should be slightly open (pre-rotated to the target) with a narrow stance. It is important for your body to rotate through your shot because you do not want to release the club like you do with a full swing. You really need to focus on the body having the ability to easily turn. The body will resist rotating easily if you are too square at setup, then your hands will start being active causing a flipping move.

3. When it comes to ball position, keep it consistent, and play it toward the back of your stance. Keep about 70 to 80 percent of your weight toward your forward side also known as your “lead side.” If you do these two things it will help create a steeper downward blow into the golf ball. You will become a better ball striker around the greens and not hit those fat or thin shots we all dread.

4. Get ready to swing! Once you feel comfortable with your setup it is time to hit your shot. Keep your “lead” wrist and arm moving forward without anything collapsing or flipping through the shot. Your arms and hands will lead in front of your body. Remember to maintain your weight on your “lead side” throughout your swing.

A practice tip:

If you are a right-handed golfer, get into your setup position. From there take your right foot back a little so you feel that you are almost standing on your left leg or “lead leg.” Maintain your weight on your left leg and practice hitting chip shots like that so you can feel the right amount of weight needed to produce a great chip shot.

• Eva Rogers is a PGA teaching professional at Medinah Country Club.

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