Work harder to fight marijuana

Illinois has opened a can of worms since the legislature quickly passed the marijuana bill to the new governor to sign. Why is it that people of Illinois are taking a back seat and watching the drama play out instead of standing up and defending our right to keep marijuana out of our neighborhoods?

Marijuana is still the bad drug it was in the past, only more potentially lethal. Back in the 1960s, one joint contained 2-3% of TCH. Today it is grown and processed with 15-20% THC with levels as high as 80% TCH on the black market. The potential for developing problems and overdoses are much higher now than in the past.

Common sense dictates that legalization is a terrible idea. Politicians and sellers are going to make money while every agency and institution in Illinois is trying to plan and manage the problems that will eventually come from the legalization. Police departments are needing to come up with better technology to detect it and enforce violations from driving under the influence to growing more than 5 plants in someone's back yard.

The medical people know they will have their hands full with overdoses and tainted marijuana. Therapists are meeting together to understand how to work with a greater number of addicted and unmotivated clients. Schools are coming up with creative ways to discourage their students not to partake in it. And the list goes on.

Institutions and agencies are spending more money into managing the consequences of that terrible decision, and it isn't even legal until January 2020.

Please, people, don't let this nonsensical drama unfold before you. Let your voice be heard and stop the legalization process before it goes into effect.

Mary Hockett

Carol Stream

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