Lakes edges North Chicago

Friday the 13th, game day and a full moon.

So, what did North Chicago and Lakes say?

Let's hit it - and hit it they did. With all the voodoo and magic surrounding the number 13, especially on a Friday mixed with a full harvest moon, it was all football spirit on the Warhawks' gridiron.

Lakes prevailed 21-20 in the Northern Lake County Conference opener for its second win in a row, improving to 2-1.

North Chicago (0-3) showed life and improvement in Week 2. A sturdy run game by the Warhawks mixed with a well-disciplined, play-action game gave them a chance to take their first victory of the season.

It wasn't only the offenses that came out to play. With numerous big hits and turnovers, the defenses for both teams didn't let points go up on the board easily. Linebacker Travis Turner and defensive lineman Dennis Sheillie and the rest of the Warhawks' defense gave their offense a chance to win. Facing a tough run game featuring Turner and Vondarious Gordon, Lakes responded.

The Eagles started the game off with great tempo, driving down the field with its run game. Jack Lochner's 4-yard touchdown run set the stage for the rest of the evening. After a quick series for the Warhawks resulted in a punt, a quicker interception by Remorrian Gordon was returned for a touchdown, putting the Warhawks on the board.

A powerful push by the Eagles' offensive line was the tipping point, as the holes continued to open for Mark Hunter, who scored on a 9-yard dash. The run game also set up the eventual touchdown that cemented the Eagles' lead - a pass back to quarterback Chris Selig, who was wide open in the end zone.

Warhawks coach Wilton Hill Jr., could still taste the closeness of victory as he spoke highly of the Eagles' as a great challenge.

"Every week we have improved. Each game is a building-block," Hill said. "We gave them everything we had. Next week is another chance."

Lakes coach Jordan Eder spoke highly of both teams.

"Hats off to [North Chicago]," Eder said. "They put up a good game and took advantage of a few plays."

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