Jackson Outdoors: A great way to spend an afternoon

I have been hammering the state tourism bureau for more than two decades about including our state's world-class fishing. It's readily available either on Lake Michigan or more inland such as at the Fox Chain O' Lakes.

Of course the Mag Mile generates a ton of money for retailers and state coffers realizing the tax cash generated by the visitors.

While I was trying to figure out how to convince tourism leaders about fishing and hunting opportunities through print and broadcast sessions, one local fishing guide has quietly come up with an idea for a special busman's or businessman's fishing outing that doesn't interfere with the normal workday.

Lincoln Buchanan finishes his own business day between 3 and 3:30 p.m. Shortly thereafter is when the fun really starts.

Lincoln is a guide with much of his efforts focused on the Fox Chain.

Ask those who know the score and in seconds you'll discover the Chain has again become a major fish factory for anglers looking for some great angling action and satisfaction.

Buchanan told me he's offering people a special guide package designed for the business crowd who want to catch walleyes and maybe a muskie or two.

Please believe me when I tell you the Chain is far better now from a locating and catching point of view than it was 10 or 15 years ago.

I know for sure that soon we will see muskies measuring more than 55 inches. And the walleyes will tip the scale at 10 pounds-plus.

That's what Lincoln has discovered as he scoots around the various lakes which make up the Chain's fish-rich environment.

Buchanan's fishing rig is big enough to stretch out your legs and even walk around when fighting a muskie or a walleye that doesn't want to be boated.

Every time I chat with Lincoln and ask him about his walleye catches, it's a rare day when he innocently reports the walleye action slowed so he switched over to jumbo bluegills. But most of the time he's smiling ear-to-ear about his customers' legal haul.

Because Lincoln's catch reports are so good with his business clients, word-of-mouth spreads like an out-of-control wildfire among the various business circles.

By the way ... Buchanan's client list incudes kids and families, not just the three-piece suit crowd, and to the best of my knowledge 98 percent of those folks walk away from the lake as happy campers, or fishermen to put it more in perspective.

Lincoln's on-water tactics are pure works of art, if art translates into fish catching. He has become a master at trolling, thereby covering lots of water and areas where walleyes and muskies hang out during late afternoon.

I've learned a lot from the various guides I fished with over a long time. A majority showed me the late afternoon periods seem to be a better time to find and catch active fish hungry enough to chase lures or live bait.

Business person or angler in general, Lincoln Buchanan could very well be your saving grace for an end-of-business day Illinois adventure. Contact him at (847) 774-5746.

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