Get behind District 220 ref, for all our sakes

Although I am retired and no longer have children in the District 220 schools, I am supporting the local candidates who have publicly backed the referendum. I have recently spoken with several new neighbors who moved into my neighborhood in Barrington Hills in the last year. They tell me that they specifically moved into the Barrington area because of the outstanding schools.

Without children in the schools, it's easy to ignore the growth in school district enrollment over the past 20 years, as well as the changing needs of the students. Enrollment has nearly doubled, necessitating increasing the physical plant, adding space for arts and sports and improving school safety measures.

Overcrowding in the middle schools and the use of unsafe mobiles reflects just one aspect of the many needs we cannot continue to slough off for others to deal with later.

Both my children attended elementary, middle school and high school in Barrington and went on for graduate degrees. I've always appreciated the educational foundation received in Barrington District 220 and its contribution to their success.

I understand the current mayor of Barrington Hills, Marty McLaughlin, has stated he opposes the referendum. He has put his own two daughters through our school system and sent them to Northwestern University, but doesn't seem to want to provide the same caliber of education and opportunities for the next generation.

Mr. McLaughlin's opposition shows a disregard for the connection between property values and outstanding schools.

Louie Iacovelli is running for trustee of Barrington Hills. Louis understand the connection and is supporting the District 220 referendum.

I vote yes to the referendum and to Louis and hope you will too, to keep our community and our schools strong.

Karen Selman

Barrington Hills

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