George H.W. Bush: A life in pictures

George H.W. Bush, a World War II hero who served as president during the collapse of the Soviet Union and Persian Gulf War, died Friday at his Houston home at age 94. He and his wife, Barbara Bush, who died in April, enjoyed the longest marriage of any presidential couple. After fighting World War II in the U.S. Navy and making his fortune as a Texas oil tycoon, Bush ascended politically as congressman, CIA director and vice president under Ronald Reagon before his time in the Oval Office. In his post-presidency, Bush was recalled fondly as a fundamentally decent and well-meaning leader who, although he was not a stirring orator or a dreamy visionary, was a steadfast humanitarian.

Former President George H.W. Bush smiles while talking about the Gulf War and liberation of Kuwait during an interview Jan. 18, 2011, in Houston. Bush at the time was bringing together his administration's key decision-makers to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the start of military operations to liberate Kuwait from occupation by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Associated Press
President George H.W. Bush, and his wife former first lady Barbara Bush, arrive for the premiere of HBO's new documentary on his life near the family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine on June 12, 2012. The premiere was held on the president's 88th birthday. Associated Press
In this May 3, 2006 photo, former President George H.W. Bush embraces former first lady Barbara Bush after she introduced him at the Genesis Women's Shelter Mother's Day Luncheon in Dallas. The Bushes had the longest marriage of any presidential couple in U.S. history Associated Press
President-elect Ronald Reagan, left, and Vice President-elect George Bush share a laugh during their first news conference in which they announced their transitional team in Los Angeles on Nov. 6, 1980. Associated Press
Vice President George Bush addresses a news conference at the American Embassy in London on Feb. 10, 1983, the final day of his seven-nation tour of European capitals. He said that the "Zero Option" for eliminating U.S. and Soviet midrange missiles in Europe remained an objective of NATO. Associated Press
Vice-President George H.W. Bush, February 5, 1984. Associated Press
George Bush peeks around a partition which has a poster of Ronald Reagan, one of his opponents for the Republican Party presidential nomination, before he speaks at Columbia, S.C., on March 4, 1980. Bush, in South Carolina, was waiting to be introduced at the Richland Country GOP convention. Associated Press
George Bush is shown at age 14 or 15 in 1939. Bush was born in 1924 in Milton, Mass., and grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. He graduated from Phillips Academy at Andover, Mass., in 1942, and joined the United States Navy to fight in World War II. Associated Press
George H.W. Bush is sworn in as the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency by Supreme Court Associate Justice Potter Stewart as Barbara Bush and President Gerald Ford look on at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., Jan. 30, 1976. Associated Press
George Bush is shown with wife Barbara in 1945. Associated Press
George Bush is shown as captain of the Yale baseball team, 1947. Associated Press
Republican Party chairman George Bush calls a meeting of the Republican National Committee in Washington, April 26, 1973. He said he is still confident that President Nixon was not involved in any of the Watergate scandals. Bush said, "if I did not have confidence that President Nixon is telling the truth on Watergate, I would not stand here in this posture." Associated Press
President-elect George W. Bush and Barbara Bush, left, and Vice President-elect Dan Quayle and Marilyn Quayle wave during the opening inaugural event at the Lincoln Memorial, on Jan. 19, 1989, in Washington. Associated Press
Former President George H.W. Bush gestures while telling a story as he speaks during a presentation ceremony for the Hugh S. Sidey Scholarship in Print Journalism, during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington Friday, Jan. 26, 2007. Sidey was a long time White House correspondent for over three decades, beginning with the Eisenhower presidency. Associated Press
Former President George H.W. Bush throws out the ceremonial first pitch to Houston Astros' Jed Lowrie before Game 3 of baseball's American League division series against the Kansas City Royals on Oct. 11, 2015, in Houston. Associated Press
Vice-President-elect George Bush poses with his mother, Mrs. Dorothy Bush, outside his Washington residence before his inauguration Jan. 20, 1981. Associated Press
Former President George H.W. Bush smiles at the media after arriving aboard Air Force One on Dec. 26, 2008 in Waco, Texas. Associated Press
George Bush, president of Zapata Off-Shore oil company, is shown in 1963. Associated Press
Republican senatorial candidate George Bush shows a victory sign as he and his wife, Barbara, stand in front of a vote machine Nov. 3, 1964, in Houston, just before casting their ballot. The candidate waited an hour and a half in a long of votes that circled the Pilgrim Elementary School. Associated Press
Secretary of State George Shultz, center, walks with President Reagan and Vice President George Bush on his arrival Jan. 9, 1985 at the White House in Washington after two days of arms talks with the Soviet Union in Geneva. Associated Press
U.S. President George Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle are surrounded by falling balloons and confetti at the Republican National Convention in the Houston Astrodome on Aug. 20, 1992. Bush roused GOP delegates to cheers as he and Dan Quayle accepted their party's nomination for a second term. (AP Photo/Joe Marquette) Associated Press
Waves splash President-elect George Bush as he casts a line while surf-fishing in Gulf Stream, Fla., on Nov. 12, 1988, shortly after winning the election. Associated Press
U.S. President-elect George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush, left, along with Vice President-elect Dan Quayle and Mrs. Madelyn Quayle walk down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial through colorful flags during opening inaugural ceremonies Jan. 18, 1989 in Washington. Associated Press
Former Presidents George H.W. Bush, right, and his son, George W. Bush arrive to throw the ceremonial first pitch for Game 4 of baseball's World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers on Oct. 31, 2010, in Arlington, Texas. Associated Press
Vice President George Busk makes a point during the Oct. 11, 1984, debate in Philadelphia with Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro. Associated Press
Former President George Bush greets the crowd Aug. 12, 1996, at the San Diego Convention Center during the Republican National Convention. Associated Press
Former President Gerald Ford, left, lends his support to fellow Republican and presidential candidate Ronald Reagan and running mate George Bush, seen here on the final day of campaigning in Peoria on Nov. 3, 1980. Associated Press
  Former President George H.W. and Barbara Bush acknowledge the crowd during the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul Tuesday. RICK WEST/
  Former President George H.W. Bush gets a round of applause during the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul Tuesday. RICK WEST/
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