Tara Jacobsen: Candidate Profile


Name: Tara Jacobsen

City: Dundee


Party: Democrat

Office sought: Kane County Board District 21

Age: 61

Occupation: RN Case Manager. Retired System Manager Cook County Health and hospital Systems (Stroger and Provident hospitals)

Education: RN Truman City College. B.S. Healthcare Leadership National Louis University. Accredited Case Manager

Civic involvement: Board member Fox Path

Elected offices held: None

Questions & Answers

Question 1: If you are an incumbent, describe your main contributions. Tell us of any important initiatives you've led. If you are a challenger, what would you bring to the board and what would your priority be?

I would be the voice who would represent the people of Northern Kane County. My clinical experience is that of a professional problem solver working with a myriad of situations and with a diverse population. I was a steward for the taxpayers of Cook County in my role as System Manager I made sure Services weren't under or over utilized. I managed a staff of 20+ professional and ancillary staff.

Question 2: What is the single-biggest need in your district?

I know from going door to door that people don't want their taxes raised. And people would like greater access to public transportation.With the Pace bus services available at Randall Road and Rt 25 it opens up opportunities for people to travel to and from the city at a nominal cost.

Question 3: Is the county doing enough to control expenses? What additional, specific steps do you recommend?

The county has a certain amount of budgetary control when it comes to employee benefits and pay but when they have unforeseen expenses such as lawsuits etc that can really rock the budget.What additional, specific steps do you recommend?Consolidating services when it's feasible.

Question 4: The county commissioned a study to determine which services are mandated and which are not in preparation for a deeper budget cut. Do you believe the county must continue to reduce costs? If so, which non-mandated services would you cut or reduce? Under what circumstances would you support a tax increase?

I'm not in favor of increasing taxes. As it is now you can be lucky enough to pay off your house but have an additional burden of a huge tax bill that mimics a mortgage payment. It's tough on our seniors who are on fixed incomes.Its important that we stay within our given budgets and don't overspend.With advancements in technology opportunities for streamlining and efficiencies present themselves every year.

Question 5: What other issues, if any, are important to you as a candidate for this office?

Being a nurse for over 30 years I've learned it's important to listen to people and be responsive to their needs.

Question 6: Do you support the Longmeadow Parkway project and, if not, what can be done at this point to stop construction and/or mitigate its impact?

Unfortunately the lawsuit has been dismissed in court. This was a loud wake up call in how the whole democratic process LMP has been circumvented. Even though 70% of the voters stated in a non binding referendum they did not want the LMP bridge it was ignored.Given that the 2 other bridges in Kane County are free to cross its troubling that northern Kane County is being charged tolls.

Question 7: Do you support a sunset provision for charging tolls on Longmeadow Parkway after it's built?


Question 8: What's the hardest decision you ever had to make?

Probably returning to work after having my children.

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