Judge orders Libertarian candidate for governor to pay ex-wife over $10,000 in support

A Lake County judge ordered a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate from Antioch to pay his ex-wife more than $10,000 in past medical and education expenses for his children.

Before Thursday's decision, Grayson "Kash" Jackson told Judge Joseph Salvi he isn't making the money to cover the $12,559 in arrearages awarded to his ex-wife for day care, medical, education and extra curricular activities expenses.

Jackson also said the costs he's asked to cover are frivolous in some regards, especially day care.

"I can't afford to pay what the court wants," Jackson said in court. He added his offer to have relatives watch his children for free has been denied repeatedly.

Jackson said in previous interviews he is unemployed and living exclusively on disability and pension payments from serving 20 years in the Navy. He said in court Thursday he takes home about $4,500 a month from those benefits.

Salvi questioned why Jackson was unable to pay the expenses, considering the $4,500 per month Jackson takes home from the government is before any employment he may have.

Salvi also questioned how Jackson has the capacity to work and the "capacity to run for governor of Illinois," but has not obtained full-time employment to help cover the cost of his children.

"It's illogical. It doesn't make sense," Salvi told Jackson. "You net $4,500 from the government before even going to work."

Salvi said "these expenses are not out of the normal," adding the children "deserve it and are entitled to it."

Jackson and his ex-wife are due to appear before Salvi on other issues May 31.

A 2015 financial affidavit from Jackson listed annual gross income of about $66,000. After retiring from the Navy in August 2016, his income from a pension and disability benefits was more than $58,800, according to court documents.

Jackson previously has said he's a victim of a rigged legal system that forces him to pay excessive amounts to see his children.

Father's rights is a key campaign issue for Jackson. He has one child from his first marriage and two from his second.

Jackson has said payments for his children is about $2,500 per month, and the cost is near bankrupting him.

Father's rights fuel Antioch Libertarian's bid for governor

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