Repeat rescues: Sometimes naloxone saves a person multiple times

Many police departments and county health officials like to say they've saved a life every time they use naloxone to revive an overdosing opioid user. But it's not that simple. Some reported naloxone uses actually revive the same people - multiple times. Coroners and health officials say they have no mechanism to track precisely how many revivals are repeats involving the same patients, but they say it does happen. Here are six examples of repeat rescues involving the Lake County sheriff's office.

Saved four times: A 23-year-old man in Warren Township was revived by sheriff's deputies with naloxone three times in 2016 and once more in 2017.

Three saves, three years: A man in Wauconda Township first was revived by sheriff's deputies in 2015 when he was 19, then was revived twice more by paramedics - once in 2016 and again in 2017.

Two saves, two rescuers: A 38-year-old man in Wauconda Township was revived by paramedics in 2017, nearly two years after he was revived by sheriff's deputies in 2015.

Twice in Lincolnshire: Sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene shortly after Lincolnshire police revived a man from an overdose - once in 2016 when he was 22 and again in 2017.

Family first: A relative used naloxone to revive a 25-year-old man in Libertyville Township in 2015, who was also revived in a separate case that year by sheriff's deputies.

Middle-aged saves: Twice in 2015, a 49-year-old man in Waukegan Township was revived with naloxone - once by sheriff's deputies and again by paramedics.

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