These suburban men killed in Vietnam have no photos for the 'Wall of Faces'

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is looking for photos of these suburban men killed in Vietnam for its "Wall of Faces," a digital roster of images that show the human cost of the conflict. Here are their names and locations on the monument in Washington, D.C.:

Cook County

Name: Ralph G. Bartley Jr.

Hometown: Harvey

Killed: Oct. 3, 1970

Wall Panel/Line: 7W/109

Date of Birth: June 12, 1942

Branch: Army

Name: Gary E. Becker

Hometown: Berwyn

Killed: May 26, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 66W/1

Date of Birth: June 19, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Patrick J. Connor

Hometown: Glenview

Killed: Sept. 9, 1970

Wall Panel/Line: 7W/48

Date of Birth: Nov. 5, 1951

Branch: Army

Name: Joseph W. De Rosa

Hometown: Deerfield

Killed: April 14, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 18E/25

Date of Birth: Jan. 25, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Tony Dedman

Hometown: LaGrange

Killed: May 17, 1966

Wall Panel/Line: 7E/69

Date of Birth: Feb. 1, 1944

Branch: Army

Name: Michael J. Donovan

Hometown: Berwyn

Killed: June 7, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 59W/21

Date of Birth: Dec. 11, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Michael C. Doyle

Hometown: Evanston

Killed: Nov. 7, 1966

Wall Panel/Line: 12E/36

Date of Birth: Nov. 5, 1942

Branch: Army

Name: Odell Easley

Hometown: Markham

Killed: Aug. 19, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 19W/67

Date of Birth: July 16, 1949

Branch: Army

Name: Robert E. Girsch

Hometown: Skokie

Killed: April 5, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 48E/16

Date of Birth: Feb. 21, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Napoleon Johnson

Hometown: Markham

Killed: July 5, 1971

Wall Panel/Line: 3W/100

Date of Birth: Feb. 21, 1949

Branch: Air Force

Name: Walter R. Lang

Hometown: Niles

Killed: May 26, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 66W/9

Date of Birth: May 6, 1947

Branch: Army

Name: Harold W. Maddox

Hometown: Steger

Killed: Feb. 24, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 15E/85

Date of Birth: Nov. 19, 1942

Branch: Army

Name: Robert E. Martin

Hometown: Hickory Hills

Killed: March 2, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 16E/3

Date of Birth: Oct. 23, 1946

Branch: Marine Corps

Name: Louie J. McFarland

Hometown: Evanston

Killed: July 8, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 53W/44

Date of Birth: June 29, 1945

Branch: Army

Name: Norman A. Miller

Hometown: Morton Grove

Killed: Dec. 1, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 37W/18

Date of Birth: Feb. 15, 1918

Branch: Army

Name: William R. Neville

Hometown: Evergreen Park

Killed: Jan. 26, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 34W/87

Date of Birth: Dec. 31, 1942

Branch: Army

Name: Larry J. Peters

Hometown: Niles

Killed: Aug. 16, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 25E/3

Date of Birth: March 7, 1936

Branch: Army

Name: Ronnie L. Russell

Hometown: Stone Park

Killed: Oct. 28, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 40W/48

Date of Birth: May 30, 1950

Branch: Army

Name: Melvin E. Tucker

Hometown: Justice

Killed: Oct. 11, 1970

Wall Pane /Line: 7W/126

Date of Birth: July 24, 1951

Branch: Army

Name: John R. Van Horn

Hometown: Lyons

Killed: June 2, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 61W/18

Date of Birth: March 19, 1943

Branch: Army

Name: Roger Zimmerman

Hometown: Deerfield

Killed: May 10, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 58E/18

Date of Birth: Aug. 12, 1943

Branch: Army

DuPage County

Name: Richard D. Krupa

Hometown: Elmhurst

Killed: Aug. 29, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 18W/7

Date of Birth: Dec. 26, 1942

Branch: Marine Corps

Name: Stanley D. Montgomery

Hometown: St. Charles

Killed: Dec. 22, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 15W/82

Date of Birth: Aug. 25, 1946

Branch: Army

Name: Larry R. Palmer

Hometown: Elmhurst

Killed: Sept. 10, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 26E /49

Date of Birth: Feb. 28, 1946

Branch: Marine Corps

Name: Roger L. Pierce

Hometown: Glen Ellyn

Killed: Jan. 25, 1972

Wall Panel/Line: 2W/100

Date of Birth: April 26, 1937

Branch: Army

Name: Allan D. Timmerman

Hometown: Downers Grove

Killed: Jan. 12, 1967

Wall Panel/Line: 14E/13

Date of Birth: June 15, 1948

Branch: Marine Corps

Lake County

Name: Martin P. Eastham

Hometown: Fox Lake

Killed: June 20, 1966

Wall Panel/Line: 8E/65

Date of Birth: April 26, 1943

Branch: Army

Name: Howard L. Flament

Hometown: Wadsworth

Killed: Nov. 5, 1969

Wall Panel/Line: 16W / 34

Date of Birth: Dec. 30, 1948

Branch: Army

Name: Jack P. Jones

Hometown: Mundelein

Killed: July 5, 1968

Wall Panel/Line: 53W/21

Date of Birth: July 29, 1948

Branch: Marine Corps

Name: Bobby D. Seay

Hometown: Waukegan

Killed: Nov. 29, 1970

Wall Panel/Line: 6W/95

Date of Birth: Feb. 20, 1935

Branch: Air Force

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