End of ACA means end of insurance for some

If the ACA is repealed, I will not be able to find insurance. I am of an age where I cannot get Medicare, but I am old enough to have pre-existing conditions.

Even through the ACA, between premiums and prescriptions, I am paying out 30 percent of my annual income for medical care and insurance.

We've been told that "high risk insurance pools" will be available. The last time I checked, there was a five year waiting list to be insured through such a pool. Our legislators, both here and in Washington, D.C., are oblivious to the actual cost of health insurance since theirs is free or close to it.

Single, middle aged Americans are paying anywhere from $400 to $900 premiums per month for just themselves, and families are paying well over $1,500 in premiums per month, let alone many thousands more in medications and copays. And that is with the help of the ACA. I have heard that vouchers are being considered as an option and the number floated is frequently stated as $3,000 annually. That is not a realistic replacement figure and equates with the Republicans previous answer to the ACA, which boiled down to "be rich or die."

Legislators are supposed to represent all Americans, not just those whose contributions have multiple zeros in them.

Joan Scoggin


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