Commit to fight evil with decency

Before the distressing shock of this 2016 presidential election wears off and we, with generous help from a milquetoast media, give in and normalize the irrational, accepting of white supremacy, hate and outright lies, as well as anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-gay attitudes as a new normal, and tolerating public chants of "Heil Trump" and outbursts like "You don't belong here," in sum, before we yield to such ignominy, let us ponder what exactly is happening in our country.

Are we going to allow this undermining of democracy, of a just and compassionate society, of our precious Constitutional guarantees, including the separation of powers? Will we succumb to a new authoritarianism, "reality" hero-worship, another Il Duce?

Dare we not, rather, resist this evil with every good thought, word and deed we can muster, committing ourselves to defend our beloved nation with liberty and justice and decency for all?

Martin Deppe


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