Trump won, despite efforts of liberals

Despite running a God-awful campaign, Trump beat Clinton handily. What does that mean?

One, it means many voters are totally fed up with Obama and his radical agenda, which Hillary would have continued to further.

Two, it means the polling industry, which overwhelmingly and wrongly had Clinton winning, is corrupt and biased in favor of liberals. We need to clean up the polling industry because it is clearly dominated by liberal bigots.

Three, it means the biased liberal media and entertainment industry are rapidly losing their influence. We need to clean them up because they are clearly dominated by liberal bigots who are trying to manipulatively impose their liberal prejudices on everyone and who discriminate against conservatives and conservative speech.

While we're at it, we also need to clean up a lot of college campuses. On college campuses all across this country ignorant liberal bigots have been discriminating against "politically incorrect" conservative speech and conservatives for years. The legal group acronymed FIRE, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which defends conservative teachers and students who have been discriminated against by liberal bigots on various college campuses, could provide you with a lengthy list of such cases.

Trump won despite efforts by liberals to rig the election and despite running a God-awful campaign. It looks like the "silent majority" is finally waking up. Hopefully they will undo a lot of the damage liberals have done to this country.

Wayne Lela

Downers Grove

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