GOP goes low with fake newspaper

It seems like the local Republican campaigns are willing to go low just like their presidential candidate.

The Naperville Township Republicans have sent out a fake newspaper calling it "The DuPage County Gazette." Within its pages are numerous articles of political disinformation supporting various Republican candidates in the area. Why try to slide this past the voters as a real newspaper? This is dramatically unethical behavior.

It seems the Republicans don't feel as if they can win through an honest discussion of the issues. Instead they are trying to mislead voters. This is nothing new; here's an example. Tony Michelassi's opponent tried to mislead voters about his attendance record. When he published the actual statistics, which show him in the top three of all county board members, she then tried to mislead voters again by stating that he voted to raise residents' income tax rates. This is impossible since the county doesn't levy an income tax.

These actions signal a new and disturbing direction in local politics. We at the Naperville Township Democratic Organization believe in an open and honest discussion of the facts and the issues our residents face every day. If the Republican Party refuses to engage in such a debate, I hope the voters of our county recognize that and will make the right choice on Nov. 8.

Richard Wawronowicz

Chairman, Naperville Township Democratic Organization


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