Trump is our last line of defense

The shameless "Borking" of Trump has become nonstop since he became the Republican presidential nominee, fostered by print media and TV networks which have unabashedly joined forces with the Democratic Party.

Trump, not of the establishment, would shake up the status quo and the power and money that flows to those who support the globalist agenda of the rich and powerful working behind the scenes to control this nation's destiny.

How will Hillary's call for (1) open borders as a portal through which flow murderers, drugs, drug lords, cartels, and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and (2) extending a welcome mat to thousands of un-vetted Syrians for whom we could query our database until the cows come home and yet find nothing if no records exist,

Keep Americans safe? Hillary can't even define who the enemy is, and she supports the Iran Nuclear deal travesty.

Spineless establishment Republicans created the Trump movement, giving Obama the upper hand to leave this nation with a $20 trillion-plus unsustainable debt and a dismal economy. Obama is on track to be the only U.S. president in history who fails to deliver a single year of GDP 3 percent-plus economic growth, his, a dismal overall 1.55 percent rate.

Hillary's announcement to raise taxes on the rich will cripple business expansion, a job creator, and stifle GDP growth.

Trump is the last line of defense against a continuation of Obama's failed policies through a Hillary administration. Hillary's Supreme Court appointees would render the Second Amendment (gun rights) meaningless and imperil religious liberty.

Trump desires to help this country and is committed to secure our freedom and restore our nation's greatness, militarily and economically.

Nancy J. Thorner

Lake Bluff

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